Wedding HAIR?!?!

  1. OK - my fiance's brother is getting married Sunday and he's the best man. My sister in law thinks I should wear my hair down and tousled, while my soon-to-be mother in law thinks I should get it professionally done in an up-do. I'm torn - that's two different looks. With my hair down and tousled/loosely curled I can do my eyes smokey and have a sexy look. But if I get an up-do it's more elegant - I don't know what I'd do for eyeshadow though...

    Specifics: my dress is a tea length black dress, and my shoes are black strappy sandal heels.

    HELP! Pictures welcome! The thing with an up-do to me is that I don't want it to look too....prom-y. I think of (A) wedding, when I think of an up-do, or (B) prom. I want it to be simple but beautiful - not too simple, elegant - not over-done. Arg! AND what kind of earings? If my hair is up I think these are simple and sweet:

    HELP! Honestly, this is my first time going to a wedding OR wearing a dress ever in my life (I recently lost 100 pounds, my entire life I was obese - so dresses were kinda out:shame: ) - so I really need some girly help. Thank you :love:
  2. Loose Updo: Like the photo #1 & #2. I'd say no to the smokey eyed "sexy" makeup though with the tousled hair though (to me it's inappropriate for a wedding)....if you do want to go with the smokey eyed look why not try the hair and makeup of Beckinsale (photo #1)?

    Half Do: What about something that is both an updo and an updown? What you can do is pin back half of your hair but then pull out tendrils around your face to soften up the "prom" updo characteristic from the hairstyle. Let me see if I can find any examples. Photo #3
    kate-beckinsale-1024x768-18714.jpg Kate Beckinsale-6.jpg hairstyles.jpg
  3. ^^^^ thanks so much for your help. I love the half-do but I hate it on me. I'm either a full up or full down kinda girl. I think I'm looking more at Carrie in the Sex and the City when she does weddings - know what I mean? Elegant, simple - maybe a curly bun - but not HUGE prom curls. Problem is - NO ONE is open on Sundays! It's a Sunday wedding and I need to be at the Chateau, which is at least an hour away, at 12:00pm. I called TONS of places today and they either aren't open Sundays or open at 11:00 or 12:00! Ugh this is so stressful!!!
  4. I would go with your girlfriends opinion, with a little volume on top, and with smokey eyes, not go overboard with it.
  5. I got an apt. for an up-do on Sunday morning. I'd like to bring a picture of what I'm looking for, but really have not a clue! Anyone care to share hair pictures?
  6. Congrats on getting an appointment. Love the Sex and the City/Carrie idea. Great pictures at HBO web (click Sex... then The Look - Season 3 first pix is an updo; many more great looks as well.). Good luck!
  7. What do you guys think of this?
  8. I think if you do an updo you will be appeasing yr future mil which in the grand scheme of things might just be the way to go
  9. That looks great! Go with that Carrie pic!
  10. Whatever you decide to do, don't pick something that you'd never normally wear. What I mean is that so many women (brides and bridesmaids) get their hair styled in ways that are SO not them. Sure, they look great on their wedding days, but I can't tell you how many women I've known that get their wedding pictures back and blame the photographer because they don't look like themselves in any of the pictures!!!:roflmfao: