Wedding hair and makeup! Post pics here!

  1. So, as I post all over this forum with wedding questions, here comes my pleight to the beauty bar! I'm a clueless bride looking for inspiration for my Oct 2008 wedding (10 months to go!). I've got my dress and *almost* my jewelry picked out. Please post pics of your hair/makeup from you wedding day here! Inspire me beautiful ladies! :heart:
  2. Great thread! I'm getting married in a week and a half and still haven't decided on how I want to do my hair. I can't wait to see the pics. I'll be sure to post mine too!
  3. I uploaded a pic of me with normal hair so you could see the length, texture etc...
    The stylist basically curled all of it and pinned the front up, no excessive use of bobby pins here! Also easy to attach the veil...the curls stayed in until I took a shower the next evening, LOL!!!!

    Summer wedding in Lake Tahoe, so I went with a natural makeup look, I had coverage on my face but only for photo purposes. The lipstick looked great during the ceremony but got kissed off, which was fine with me!!! My old softball coach's wife did the whole party's makeup, including our moms. She's a great gal and we had a blast. She's a marykay lady, which I don't really use, but the makeup looked fine and stayed on all day (except the lipstick, but I didn't use my normal Chanel rouge intensite, it was too natural and everyday looking for this one!).

    Anyhow, I think my choices fit the theme of the day, which was relaxed and I hope this helps you figure out what type of look works best for the theme you are going for!!! Remember that you will probably end up with more makeup on your face than you may be used to wearing, but that is so you look great (and NATURAL) in the pictures - make sure you talk to a makeup artist about how to do that if you are going to do your own makeup, or have someone with experience do it for you! These pictures will last a lifetime and you want to feel like you are looking beautiful and fab...which no doubt you will!
    moi.JPG light.jpg wedding day.JPG view.JPG kiss.jpg
  4. buuuuuump!
  5. Great thread!

    I am planning on getting extensions and having my stylist recreate Jessica Simpson's wedding hair.

    For makeup, I will probably do it myself b/c I am super picky...but I will have eyelash extensions put on.
  6. ^^^ see, I wanna do my own - but my bridesmaids INSIST I don't! :sad:
  7. I'm getting married in 6 months:biggrin:, I'm getting my hair all curls & makeup done by my sister (shes a makeup artist)

  8. Aw I love wedding stuff... which is weird because I don't normally like weddings. Anyways, I googled Jessica Simpson's hair style for her wedding and it was so pretty. Here's a couple more pictures, along with Jessica Simpson's pictures... thought it might help. I love Jlo's hair and makeup in the last picture. So classic..
  9. hers some pics from when i got married.. i went for an audrey hepburn hairstyle.....
    wedding4.gif wedding5.gif wedding1.gif wedding8.gif wedding6.gif
  10. It depends on the person, IMHO. While I was in college, I worked part-time as a makeup artist, so I really have the 'feel' for it.

    I see where your bridesmaids are coming from in that you won't have the same 'princess pampering' as you would if someone were to do your own IS really fun!!!!

    BUT if you are SUPER picky like me, I would suggest getting your hair done by a pro and doing your makeup yourself :smile:

    FYI--I have found that the most helpful wedding mag for great wedding makeup looks is InStyle Weddings...LOVE that magazine!!!!!!!
  11. I love Jessica Simpson's hair from her wedding! Totally gorgeous! My only complaint would be whether it would bother me being down all day and during the reception.