Wedding guest H-bag dilemma

  1. Please help me decide! I'm frantically packing for a wedding this weekend - it will be hot (80s) and sunny (with the occasional thunderstorm predicted), and as a guest I'll be wearing a couple of jersey dresses for the wedding activities (apart from the actual wedding). Most of the activities will be outside (reception and brunch).

    There will also be plane travel involved. So I'll need to have everything in an easy-access bag that will (1) fit under the seat in front (in coach class), and (2) be hardy enough to survive, but still look dressy without being too flash.

    Which is better? a 28 kelly? or a 30 birkin?

    I normally wouldn't have trouble deciding this, but I can't seem to focus today *and* have loads of work. If there is anyone who can be my boudoir expert, I'd greatly appreciate it!

    I have 1 hour and 40 minutes before the suitcase closes. :wtf:
  2. 28 Kelly. Will go with more things and you can put it in your tote of the plane if you want to.
  3. 28 Kelly.
  4. kelly is dressier and less flashy.
  5. Does it matter if the kelly is a croc? Croc is kind of flashy, no?
  6. 28 cm Kelly
  7. What color croc, and what color/leather Birkin? My instinct is still Kelly for a wedding...
  8. Croc Kelly!!! Yes, all the more reason to take it!
  9. KELLY!

    Have fun and pack quick!!!
  10. 28 kelly. has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and you can remove the strap for a more formal outing!
  11. Are you packed yet? Have a great trip!
  12. I'm moving as fast as I can! :smile: Thank you, ladies!

    It's a miel croc 28 and a cognac 30.

    But I think you may be right about the 28!
  13. kelly would look so appropriate for a wedding. especially croc!
  14. Kelly 28, GINA!!!! Perfect in croc for a wedding!!!!! And yours is astoundingly gorgeous!!!!!!
  15. Miel will be perfect for a mostly outside summer wedding
    and a 28 Kelly can never be too flashy, IMO:yes:.

    Enjoy the event, Gina!!!