Wedding Guest Attire

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  1. Hey ladies-

    I've been looking around for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding I'm attending. It's in early November in Minneapolis (which I've never been)- late afternoon/evening at a church and then country club. I'm 21 and it's my cousin's wedding. I'm a size 4/6, hourglass shape with a large-ish bust (aka need a regular bra- no cups work for me, sadly. My sister wears backless all the time and I'm jealous!) My mom has the invite and hasn't given me much information about the dress code or anything. I'm heading home this weekend and needed some advice on which to bring back (NYC closets are way too small!) to take with me.

    I typically wear this: [​IMG]
    Theory black dress with Louboutins

    but, I bought this when the Saks by my parents closed and haven't worn it yet.

    Or, I could just go and rent something from Rent the Runway-

    I was thinking something like this

    or anything else you might suggest.

    Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. I wear a D in the bra cups (and they work great), so they can work for some women with a large bust.
    As far as the dresses are concerned, I love the lace dress. Be careful with the length though because if you are tall, it might be a bit short for a wedding. Also, keep in mind that it will be cold at that time of year in November.
    Have fun at the wedding:smile:
  3. I think the Notte dress very cute but might be a little too attention grabbing with it being white and sleeve/strapless. Out of the two I think the renttherunway dress is more appropriate for the occasion. You can wear it with tights if it's going to be cold.

    If I may recommend, I think this dress has a pretty silhouette but also has a little edge. Age/occasion appropriate and you can definitely wear it again after the wedding when you go out :smile:
  4. I like the one on rent the runway.
  5. Bluefly dress looks too white to me for a wedding.

    The black dress you have is fine but maybe you need something to cover arms for church.

    The other lace is also fine but again, it might be too short. depends on how it fits.
  6. Having attended a few weddings recently (one being black-tie optional) I personally don't find the Notte dress to be an issue. It's more dressy and honestly since you're 21 looks more age appropriate. I wore a short dress to the BTO wedding and everyone complimented me, so the length of the Notee dress seems fine.
  7. ^It's not the length of the Notte dress that presented an issue - it was the fact that it is mostly white, which is a no-no for weddings....
  8. Thanks for the help ladies!

    I'm medium heigh, 5" 6'-ish, so typically length isn't an issue on being too short for me on dresses.

    My only issue is I know it's going to be cold. It's the midwest in November. I live in NYC, so I'm no stranger of the cold but apparently it's a bit of a different beast there. My dad keeps on joking that I don't need a dress, I'll need a snow suit. But I figure there won't be too much outside time- just to/from the car and I can suck it up for that.

    I still have time, so I know I'm going to hit up Nordstrom when I'm home and then Bloomingdales/Saks/BG when I'm back in the city. I have no issues spending some ($200-ish) on a dress if I'm going to wear it again.

    I've decided no for sure for the Notte- I'll just have to find somewhere else to wear it! You all voiced my concerns for it. I bought it because of the great price and am trying to make it work- it might wind up going on ebay.
  9. the notte dress is very pretty, i think it may be a new years eve dress.

    i think you actually look nice and elegant in the theory dress, but it needs a little more bling in the jewelry dept? on the other hand, since you'll be back to nyc to shop, i'm sure you'll find something else. maybe a faux fur lined shrug to keep you warm while wearing the theory dress?