Wedding gift for my best friend??

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  1. My best friend is getting married in August. Since she and her SO have been living together for years they don't really need anything and suggested money as a gift. But since my friend and I would feel weird if I gave them money, I'm looking for something else I could give them.
    First I thought I'd have twin stars named after her and her SO, but my mom didn't like the idea. Then I found a site where you can buy useful things for families in third world countries and you get a card that has a picture of what you bought. For example 5 chickens, a Yak or mosquito nets and so on. I think my friend would like that idea.
    What do you guys think? Maybe someone has a suggestion for a nice wedding present.
    I'm kinda clueless :shrugs:, so any help would be appreciated!:flowers:
  2. Are they registered?
  3. No.
  4. hmm good question, i have the exact problem too and in august as well!

    i was thinking just the money since they really can use it. How about offering to help with something involving the wedding?

    Whether it be helping out with the flower costs or something related to the wedding?

    You can also do what you suggested and donate to a charity in their honour, but something that would mean something to if they have a loved one who died of cancer, you'd donate for cancer research.

    Or buy them some weekend getaway ??? i might pick that one for my own
  5. depends on the person, my bff is getting married july 4th and i know she wouldnt appreciate a donation in her name. ill probably end up going to tiffany and getting her a vase or candles or something. personally, i would love to have a donation made in my name in lieu of a wedding gift.
  6. GREAT idea! Buy them a weekend in a Bed and Breakfast in a nice place near where they live. You can work with the owner to set it up, and let them pick an available date.
  7. Coming from the end that you friend is on, we had everything we needed for a 'new home' when we got married, we only wanted money or well wishes. We didn't ask for anything...and even said just traveling down to Tahoe was gift enough. We understood that some people would have a hard time with that idea...just as you are. My bff was like you - she ended up buying us a spa day at the resort we were at.

    Keep in mind that unforeseeable things happen - if we hadn't gotten the money we did at our wedding, we wouldn't have been able to take our sick dog to the vet and ensure that she didn't have cancer.
  8. If she asked for money, I'd say give money.
  9. I too like the idea of a spa retreat. I know for me and maybe a lot of other people this is not something they treat themselves to, so its a nice gift to get.
  10. I scanned through your writing at first and saw you were thinking of buying her a yak and 5 chickens, I was like I hope she lives on a farm. Ok I know I'm an idiot, but that is a really neat idea to do for a gift for anyone. I gave my BF money at the time it probably wasn't much however I did buy her the pearl earrings she wore on her big day though. You could pay into her honeymoon, ya know how some travel agencies do that for the newly weds or arrange something really neat at there honeymoon, if there going to the beach or tropics arrange for a his/her together massage treatment, or parasailing. I dont know just some ideals!
  11. ^Totally agree with ladyjane about helping to pay for the honeymoon. I remember hearing about couples registering with travel agents (perhaps there is a website) to book a vacation package. I also like the idea of a spa day. The bride and groom will probably need some de-stressing after the wedding and dealing with all the last minute details.
  12. If my best friend said they really just wanted $$ then that's what they would get along with a personal gift as well.
  13. If you know what resort/hotel they are staying at for their honeymoon, you can usually arrange some sort of package through that. My friend wanted to add something to her brother's gift and they were going to hawaii, she contacted the hotel and prepaid for them to do a private sunset dinner on the beach. I thought that was a good idea...

    It can be weird writing a check to a friend, but if they are honest and have most things they need then money is the best option, in my opinion. With wedding expenses or whatever comes up, starting to rebuild a savings is a good thing.

    While I think I would appreciate the donation for a christmas or a birthday gift... for a wedding I don't think I would appreciate it, make sure you think your friends would be OK with that! I think something they can either use or put toward their future is the best in this circumstance... maybe save the donation as an anniversary gift.
  14. She asked for money on the printed invitations, but told me she didn't want any from me. And they haven't planned a honeymoon, yet. They still don't know if they're even going somewhere after the wedding. And her SO isn't really a spa kind of guy. I was thinking about getting her some nice pearl earrings or something like that, but isn't a wedding gift supposed to be for both the bride and groom (even though I'm not really friends with him)?
  15. Really?? :confused1:

    I think the weekend getaway ideas are good, and if your friend is a charitable person by nature, the sponsor-a-third-world-family-in-her-name idea is great as well. I saw someone on another site mention that no matter whether or not the couple is registered, she always buys them a set of antique sterling silver candlesticks. Wouldn't work for everyone, but that is a unique gift idea that I personally would LOVE!

    Does she have any specific interests that are not items you could register for anyway? Like tickets to the theatre/ballet, antique items, purses :graucho:, etc.