Wedding gift etiquette question

  1. After going to so many weddings in my life I never thought I'd have a question!

    I'm going to a friend's wedding reception in a few weeks. The ceremony was a very intimate one, with just family only. They're having an open house to celebrate with all the rest of their friends.

    Honestly, I've never been invited just to a reception - I've always gone to the ceremony and reception both. I will be bringing a gift of course b/c this is a dear friend of mine, but then it dawned on me...if you're invited to just the reception you ARE supposed to still bring a gift, correct? I assume yes, but etiquette experts, what's the official word? :flowers:
  2. i've been to lots of these b/c in the religion i grew up in it's common that most people don't actually attend the wedding. we always brought a gift. :yes:
  3. oui oui, you're still supposed to bring a gift.
  4. Yup, I agree with the others--I would bring a gift as well:smile:
  5. You don't really HAVE to do anything, but if she's a good friend, I'd say bring a gift.
  6. I Would Bring A Gift
  7. ditto all the above =). def bring a gift.
  8. I would bring a gift.
  9. yes a gift is in order.
  10. Oh yes, definitely a gift
  11. Definitely a gift... I think it is more common now for people not to be invited to a ceremony, being eloping/destination weddings with larger receptions in their home cities or small, intimate ceremonies with larger receptions afterward.
  12. Yes, bring a gift.
  13. yes, bring a gift.
  14. Thanks for validating my assumptions, everyone! She's got a rockin' registry and I'm so excited to pick something out! Hope nobody thought I was being cheap with this question, LOL.
  15. Not at all! Some people never heard of getting invited to the reception but not the ceremony and vice-versa so these questions are bound to pop up.