Wedding gift: Cartier love, rolex or hermes birkin (black)?

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  1. Hi !

    I wanted you a wedding gift from my in-laws to me, should i get:

    1. cartier love bracelet in yellow gold
    2. rolex watch - if so..which one?
    3. hermes birkin - black

    Thank you - any input you guys have would be greatly appreciated ;)
  2. Wow, you have some nice in-laws!

    On a serious note, they are all beautiful items but very different. Which do you think you would get the most use out of - is there any specific one you are already leaning towards? Personally I would get the Love bracelet but then I am biased as I have the cuff in YG :P
  3. Nice in-laws!!!! I'd go for the Rolex.
  4. I would go with the Rolex.
  5. You have awesome in-laws! I say go for the Birkin! If not the Birkin I'd go for the Love Bracelet. :smile:
  6. Much as I love Hermes, I think the watch or the bracelet would be more suitable as a wedding gift.
  7. If you don't already have a nice watch I'd probably go for the rolex. If you do, I'd go for the Love bracelet.
  8. rolex. love seems more fitting for your dh to get you someday?
  9. Personally I'd go for the Birkin, however a watch or bracelet is a more 'typical' wedding gift.
  10. I think the love bracelet will be a beautiful symbolic gift to celebrate your wedding :smile:

    Personally, I would rather have my inlaws pick something out themselves :smile:
  11. Birkin or Rolex. I couldn't decide!
  12. Very generous gifts and all very beautiful :smile:. I would go for the Rolex. A timeless classic, which seems (to me) an appropriate gift from your in-laws. I personally think a Love bracelet should be a gift from your DH. A Birkin does not really feel like a wedding gift to me. What ever you decide, Many congratulations and enjoy xx
  13. Wow, you are a lucky lady! I would pick the Rolex, too. Then the Love bracelet.
  14. The birkin! Your DH should be in charge of gifting the jewelry (and subsequent b's and k's). And in terms of the Love specifically, that makes more sense coming from your DH. Your new ILs can love you, too, but I think the Love design is kind of like a modern day chastity belt :smile:
  15. I would let them decide since it's their gift!