Wedding Etiquette: When do I give the wedding gift?

  1. I have been invited to a civil ceremony and reception and I have left the gift buying to the last minute! :hrmm: There's only a week to the wedding and I am thinking of bringing the gift to the ceremony and reception itself. Is this ok?

    I have read that gifts can be given anytime once the engagement is announced and even a year after the wedding but I am keen to give it to them before the wedding day. I read an article saying that one should avoid bringing the gift to the reception itself as it 'burdens' someone having to take care of it at the wedding. Please advise!

    btw, I'm in the UK, although I doubt it would be very much different from the US or elsewhere..
  2. IMO, it's better to have the gift sent and not brought to the ceremony or reception. If there is a wedding registry (not sure if they are as common in the UK as they are in the States?) there will be an address specified where the bride and groom want their gifts sent.

    Although it's stunning to see a cool pile of gifts at the reception, I do agree it's a burden on whomever is on 'gift duty' to have to pack them up afterwards, make sure cards don't fall off, etc.
  3. Give the wedding gift at the latest the wedding day itself. There's a table for the gifts at the reception.
  4. No matter what you do, please don't wait for a year to give the gift. I've heard that too and I think it's rude. If the gift isn't too big, I am sure it's not a big deal to bring it to the ceremony. We loved loading our car with all the gifts the day after our wedding. We were gracious for all the gifts and it wasn't a big deal - compared to all the other things we had to do already for our wedding.
  5. I think it's fine to either bring the gift to the ceremony or to order from the registry and have it shipped. I've done both for the weddings I've attended. Each has pros and cons, but the cons won't overshadow the fact that you were generous enough to get a wedding present.
  6. IMO you should always send a gift prior to the wedding to the address referenced on the registry.
    Also, I think you should stick to the registry if you can for the wedding gift and if you want to give something that has a special meaning for you and couple give that at the shower so others can enjoy sharing in the special meaning of the gift.
  7. You can either mail it ahead of time or bring it to the wedding. They might not open it then (well, they SHOULDN'T, anyway) but there's usually a table for gifts.
  8. Don't bring it to the ceremony!! Bring it to the reception or have it delivered shortly before the day of the event.
  9. My bad, I meant reception. Of COURSE I didn't mean ceremony.
  10. thanks! the reception is just after the ceremony, i suppose i could give it to them then! i didn't want to mail it as there is no one at their home during the day and i think they would have a hard time trying to get it re-delivered. Couriers rarely do weekends here!