Wedding dress!

  1. no, no i'm not getting married!!!!!!!!!!
    i just need you help because i heve to go to my best friend's marriage on the 4th of june and i don't know what to wear!
    i found cute outfits, just tell my which one you think is the most appropriate(i'm not familiar with weddings)
    that's at 6.30p.m, so i think i need an evening dress....

    1st outfit(dress+ matching shoes)

    2nd outfit:

    3rd outfit

    4th outfit:

    5th outfit

    (actually i don't even know if i have to wear a short or long dress....any suggestion is accepted!!!!)
  2. Maybe the 4th or 5th outfit. The first one looks like its not enough and the 2nd one may be too much. JMO
  3. Oh! You have such great taste! Well these are my favorites -

    Also, the shoes in the 3rd outfit are really sexy! I think you should match up the shoes from the 3rd outfit with the 4th dress.

    The blue dress is BEAUTIFUL, that color is just magnificent! Also, since summer is approaching (is the wedding outside?) you might not want to wear black. Nonetheless, the black dress is really cute!
  4. i don't know if it's inside or outside....
    i don't wanna be too smart, i just want to be simple and appropriate!
    it's bride's day, not mine!!!
    for this reason i wanted to find something classy, but always simple and moderate....
    i'll keep searching!!!;)
    p.s.i love the gold dress too...but i was wondering if it wasn't enough elegant!
  5. They are all gorgeous! I'd probably go with the 4th or 5th, too.

    Have fun and best wishes to your friend!

  6. The 1st outfit its gorgeous !!! :love:
  7. I love the first (gold dress) it is simple & classy. You could also get wear out of the dress again.
  8. I like the first dress..
  9. i keep going with new outfits....
    No 1




    No 5
  10. I still vote for the first cream dress... it looks so luscious with those nude lace shoes!!! :biggrin:
  11. i'm totally loving this outfit.....i love that marc dress, i love the shoes, and the outfit is totally wedding you'll find a million other uses for that outfit........i think i need those shoes :love::love::love:
  12. I don't feel the first one is very wedding appropriate, but it's very pretty for a different event. I like 4 and 5 from the first set and I love 3 from the second set of pictures.
  13. thanks girls!!
    jillybean that's what doesn't make me feel sure about the 1st outfit!
    i think that's very sexy, but not so appropriate for a wedding......
    but, as said before, i'm not into weddings this much!

  14. This one! I love the dress and the shoes :love: So cute!
  15. No3

    I love this one too, ESPECIALLY the shoes!! I want them now :amuse: You're inspiring me.. I have 5 weddings (and an additional 2 that I'm not going to - what can I say, all my friends picked this summer to get married!) this summer, and need new outfits... :shame: