Wedding Dress/Shoe Question

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  1. I purchased this dress for my February wedding:

    I plan to wear it with these shoes (I've had them for years, but have never worn them). I wanted to save them for my wedding:

    I'm wondering now if the shoes are going to clash too much with the belt? Trying to decide whether I should opt for different shoes, change out the ribbon on the belt (to match the color of the dress) or just stick with everything as is.

  2. Stick with everything as is. You cant even see the shoes for one thing. And besides, even if u could, isnt your name pinkdancer and youve been saving these shoes for your wedding?
  3. I say definitely rock those pink shoes with your dress :yes: - randr21 is right, they're not going to be as visible as shoes would normally be with a dress and in any event, I don't think it's a clash with the belt detail on the dress - the dress palette is all very tonal and neutral so the shoes add a lovely pop of colour. What's important on the day is that you feel at your most happy and joyous - and you love these shoes yes?!
  4. My vote goes to the pink CLs as well.
  5. Wear them :yes:
  6. I'm the odd one out in saying that I'm not a fan of the pink shoes with your gorgeous wedding dress. The bright pink of the shoes look too Prom-ish too me. If I were you I'd wear them to the rehearsal dinner if you are planning on having one and buy a pair more tonal to the wedding dress. If you love the color pink I would incorporate it in your bridal bouquet.
  7. Honestly, sorry to say but those shoes (style & color) don't complement your chosen wedding dress at all - however, in my experience, spending loads on wedding dress shoes is a total waste of $$$ as they are hardly ever (if at all) seen - obviously these shoes have a sentimental meaning to you & that's important so if you can incorporate them somewhere, go for it!
  8. +1
  9. OP, if you love them, wear them!

    I don't think they clash. Your dress looks to have cool undertones, and the pink of the shoes is definitely a cool color. They also won't be very visible unless you make a point of showing them off. Colored shoes are very fun for photos, also. I wore bright red Kate Spade peep toes with my ivory dress, and not only did I love them, my photographer went nuts for them and my friends thought they were so cool. For your wedding day, wear what makes you happy!
  10. If you love them, wear them. I think they add a cool element of surprise under your wedding dress. No need to worry about clashing with that belt, it's kind of irrelevant.
  11. i think it's more a question of how you feel! if you love the dress and LOVE the shoes then it doesnt matter if they don't match! And plus i think the bright pink is a nice surprise and keeps the look modern! thats my 2 cents hope that helps