Wedding dress is in...? about alterations

  1. My wedding dress is in and I went to try it on today!! This was the initial try-on. I was super nervous that it was not going to fit. Thr dress fits PERFECT! However, here is why I'm freaking out..the lady told me that if I lose any weight it's going to be hard to alter. WTH..I want to lose 10-15 lbs. The dress was a little on the tight side so I could probably lose 5 lbs. and it not make a difference. I'm in dental school and in the last semester, so I'm super stressed = stress eating = weight gain. I want to feel and look good physically on my wedding day and I'm freaked that my dress is not able to be altered!! PLESAE HELP! Can this be taken in ?
    IMG_2152.jpg IMG_2153.jpg IMG_2154.jpg
  2. IDK it is a corseted top...why not revel in that you don't have to starve yourself....btw it's gorgeous....

    just breathe and stay calm and walk every minture of your wedding you can to treasure teh moments
  3. Oh wow! your dress is gorgeous!!! I don't know anything about alterations...but I can tell you that you look GREAT in your dress already! :yes:
  4. Don't freak about losing 10-15 pounds before your wedding, you'll only get grouchy and you won't be a happy bride. Concentrate on more important things like your wonderful day! You look fantastic already!
  5. You look gorgeous!
  6. It's gorgeous!! I don't think you need to lose any weight!! You look great as is!
    I can't wait for my gown to come in!!
  7. WOW, you look amazing, the dress is STUNNING. And like the others said don't worry about losing weight, you look awesome in the dress.
  8. You look fantastic and the dress is gorgeous! It doesn't seem like you have any reason to slim down any further. You look great!
  9. Why do you think you need to lose weight? You and the dress look fantastic. Your man is marrying YOU not some picture in a magazine which totally sends the wrong message about how women should look.
  10. that dress is wonderful and fits you perfectly!!!you don't need to lose weight at all!!!!!!go and enjoy your day!!!
  11. Yeah, you look hot. You could maybe...maybe worry about 5 pounds, but I wouldn't stress over that. Focus on the planning, and try to eat right. Aside from that, have fun!
  12. When is your wedding day? Believe me, the last two or three days before this great and unique (hope for you... ;) ) day you won't be able to eat anything... That's my experience and memory ... And the experience of the woman who has made my dress. She said: The wedding dress always has to be a bit too small then it fits perfect on the great day... I wish you an unforgett:girlsigh: able day...
  13. girl... u look great :yes:
    and don't starve please... my friend starved herself before the wedding and she eventually collapsed on the day, she's not even in the FAMILY PICTURE!
    only her husband and his and her parents... :crybaby:
  14. Congrats on your beautiful dress. You look terrific as is! But, if you happen to need alterations, I don't think its gonna be a problem. I lost a lot of weight before my wedding day, and my dress had to be taken in 2-3 full sizes, but it all worked out fine. Just make sure you have a professional tailor or seamstress do the work for you. You don't want to take any chances.
  15. That's a beautiful dress and you look gorgeous in it!