Wedding Dress Code: Lounge Suit

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've done a search but really can't find the information I'm looking for so hopefully someone can help me.

    I'm going to attend a wedding soon and I'm trying to figure out what to wear. A little background: After years of yoyo dieting, I have a range of dresses in various sizes but now I've finally found a diet that I'm very happy with (i.e. not starving but losing weight) and I know I'm going to go back to my ideal weight soon. Because of this I really don't want to buy a dress for the wedding as I'm sure I will never wear it again as this time I'm throwing out my fat clothes.

    The dress code is Lounge Suit which I assume for women means dressy but not formal(?). The wedding will begin late afternoon. At the moment my choices (dresses that fit me) are:

    A black satin knee length dress (A-line, v-neck, diamante brooch at the cleavage)

    A floor length aubergine dress (v-neck - some sort of jersey fabric but flows and doesn't look cheap)

    A black dress (not satin/silk) just below the knee dress (A-line, soft round neck, thin black patent belt)

    I have a few other dresses but they are floor length, silk/black lace - too formal.

    So I'm kind of stuck - I've never worn black to a wedding but the aubergine dress is floor length, although not a satin/silk.

    Any suggestions?
  2. There must be some cultural differences here because the only "Lounge Suit" that I'm familiar with is worn by a man and typically characterized by a cheesy suit/tux and a pair of white dress shoes (see images below):graucho::lol:


    Anyways, perhaps if you posted some pictures of the dresses it would be easier to give you opinions? I know some people think that wearing black to a wedding is inappropriate, but I don't.
  3. Oh, oops!!! LOL. Yeah I always think of Lounge Suit Larry (anyone remember that?) when I hear Lounge Suit. I'll try and upload some photos. Basically it's an afternoon wedding, I know the groom and groomsmen are wearing regular suits with ties rather than tux/bow-ties. I'm guessing elegant but understated.

    Back soon with some photos! Thanks Vhdos
  4. ^Yes! I remember Lounge Suit Larry - so funny:lolots:
    Looking forward to your photos:smile:
  5. Okay I'm back. Here's the three dresses.
    aubergine dress.JPG black dress.JPG cocktail dress.JPG
  6. Whoa! weird... the photos are definitely the right way around on my computer. Sorry.

    So black dresses knee length and aubergine dress is to the floor.
  7. Leisure Suit Larry was the video game? Or am I thinking of something else.

    Of the three, I would go with the black satin dress. The other black dress looks pretty casual, but you could dress it up with a few great accessories. The purple dress is gorgeous but it looks like it will be way too formal.
  8. Yes! Leisure Suit Larry :lol:

    Hmm, that's what I thought probably the black satin. Yes if I was to wear the plain black dress I would have used some accessories to dress it up.

    Vhdos, I can't stop looking at those photos you posted - classic!:roflmfao:
  9. I prefer the plain black dress. Add some gold accessories, nude or black heels, and maybe add some color with a clutch (like red). Can you switch out the belt for one the is a bit more dressy?
  10. I went to quite a lot of "lounge suit" dinners/receptions at university, and managed not to look completely out of place, so hopefully can help! :smile:. For men, it means an ordinary, dark-coloured suit, usually with a tie. That's not particularly helpful, perhaps, but might be indicative...

    For women, I take it to mean a knee-length dress or skirt, or smart trousers. Skirts and trousers would have to be paired with a dressy blouse or top, of course. I wouldn't wear anything floor-length to an event that's billed as "lounge suits". I personally wouldn't go for the aubergine; either of the black dresses fit the dress code, but I prefer the more plain one, I think. As vhdos suggested, it would be quite easy to dress this up.

    Silk dresses would be fine, though (if they're not floor length, not sure if I've understood your original message properly, sorry!). Frankly, in my experience, most girls attending "lounge suit" events would wear a silk dress in dark or jewel tones; however, an afternoon wedding probably gives you more scope with colours. Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks Kitty! Yes the silk dress I have is floor length so definitely not right for it. That's what I was looking at recently at the shops, a ruby silk dress... but just can't bring myself to buy another dress in my current size when I'm finally happy with my diet.

    Vhdos, I didn't think of changing up the belt... I can definitely dress up the plain dress and although you can't tell in the photo it does fall in a beautiful way so that it looks 'better on than on the hanger'.

    Thank you very much NCC1701D, Vhdos and Kitty89 - I really appreciate your help. :smile: