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  1. Hey everyone,
    I just got engaged over the weekend and now starts the planning. My question is are there any places in nyc where anyone would recommend for wedding related things at discounted prices(wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses) etc

    Thanks a ton
  2. saks is having a bridal sample sale right now (info below) but for more wedding related stuff I'd check some of the wedding blogs. There are many bridal sample sales that go on in the city.

    Find hundreds of gowns from the foremost designers up to 50% off
    Now thru January 20, 2009
    611 5th Ave, 5th floor
    New York, New York
    (212) 753-4000
  3. that was quick
  4. I went to the Saks wedding gown sale and there was not much. A few Melissa Sweet gowns, Priscilla of Boston, and some others. It was 50% off but the gown were sparse and many of them were not made of high end fabric.
  5. OH, Kleinfeld's usually has their wedding gown sales about 2-3 times a year. You should call and ask when the next one is.
  6. First, CONGRATULATIONS! Little known fact - most of the major bridal boutiques have "sample" gowns or gowns that they made for other women who didn't end up wearing them (try not to think about that part too much!) on major markdown. They call these something special, I forget what (it's been awhile since I got married LOL) Anyway, I got a couture wedding gown at Amsale that way on major, major discount. Look into it!
  7. i tried my dress on at kleinfeld's, and then ordered it from - it was 40% off the kleinfeld's price and arrived a month early, packaged safely in perfect condition.
  8. any deals in northern california?
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    I cant say this is necessarily a discount or deal, but Freddy&Ma is based out of NYC and the have really nice bridal services on their custom clutches that can also work as gifts. You can also go to their showroom and have a nice little event too, I think it looks fun and all their products are made in NYC too.
  10. Thanks everyone
  11. congrats! i got engaged in june and am in the midst of planning the wedding. i didn't get my wedding dress at kleinfeld's but i have heard mostly positive things about them. i got my bridesmaid dresses from my girls and i first went to rk bridal in midtown which is this HUGE warehouse full of bridesmaid dresses figured out what we wanted and then searched on the internet for the best quote. HTH! good luck!!

    oh yeah, also forgot to mention that my friend got her wedding dress at the filene's basement running of the brides sale in nyc for $300. her bridesmaid dresses were from
  12. Thanks again. I checked the shoes out and they are classic. Super cute but i might go with the other d'orsay ones like carrie bradshaw when her shoes were stolen at the baby party but we'll see. I will also look into the filenes basement sale.
  13. A will do for sure
  14. RK Bridal. That's where my friends got their dresses and where I'm ordering mine from in two weeks. It's a bridal gown warehouse but they have bridesmaids dresses/mothers' dresses, shoes, veil...etc. It's huge and they carry every designers you would normally see at regular boutiques. B/c it's a bridal gown warehouse type, they don't mark up the prices unlike regular boutiques.