Wedding cakes

  1. I saw another thread with a pic of a wedding cake and thought perhaps those of us that are married might like to share our own cakes. Maybe some of the engaged gals can get helpful hints or we can see each other's cakes just for fun!

    Here's mine:
  2. You'rs is beautiful! I love looking at pictures of wedding cakes.
  3. lovely...I wish I had a digital picture of my cake, I loved it...but alas, it was too long ago :smile:
  4. This is the cake that I just picked out for my wedding. The icing with have gold fleur de lis instead of blue.
  5. Your cake is TDF gracefeng. Congrats.:smile:
  6. this thread is helpful! I need to start long before the wedding would I need to order one?
  7. I ordered mine 9 months before. I'm actually glad I did because I literally had to draw the cake for the pastry chef about 4 times before she understood what I wanted.

    Definitely give yourself enough time to shop around. Try to find someone that can realize your dream. A good PC should be able to give you a rendering (drawing) of your cake when you tell them the sort of cake you're dreaming of.

    It's a good idea to have a mental picture (or even an actual one) of the cake you're envisioning.

    Congrats and good luck!
  8. I loooove wedding cakes!! My favorite episodes of the Food Network are when they are about Wedding Cakes!! I am nowhere near getting married, but I love cake and wedding cakes are just so beautiful!!