Wedding Bands

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  1. This may seem like an absurdly nit-picky question but it's important to me and I'd appreciate your help!

    Instead of an engagement ring I want an eternity band that I can wear every day. I haven't (yet) taken the time to enter a store and look at the difference but I am deciding between 3 or 4 carat total.

    With 3 carats (on bluenile) there will be 18 stones at .16 carat each. 4 carats with 16 stones will come to about .25 each.

    In your experiences - how does this look? I searched the post with all engagement rings and wedding bands and didn't see this specified. Does anyone have a picture of either? Even if it's a half band?

  2. It depends on your hand size. If you have smaller hands i would go for 3ct.
  3. I wear a 2 ct. instead of my engagement ring sometimes-- when I am doing work around the house. It comes out to about a .10 a piece (size 5). I know that stones also looker bigger if they are set different ways ( I personally like prong set vs. channel set) depending upon your hand size I would agree with sinniebunny and not go for anything bigger than 3ct.
  4. If you want to wear it everywhere, all the time - even the gym, etc. . . . I'd only go halfway around. You don't want to grab the grocery cart, free weights, handle on treadmill, etc. . . with stones on the back side of a band rubbing on things.
    You really want to go try on a few weights:yes:
  5. My wedding band has 18 stones and has a total weight of 3.63 (~.20 each stone) which sounds somewhere in between the two rings you were looking at. I've attached an older pic with my engagement ring. I will try a little later to take a pic of my wedding band by itself for you to get a better idea of what it looks like. Hope this helps!

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  6. I have a half eternity band that I never take off, the stones are 20 pts each and I had it sized perfectly small enough that it really doesn't spin around. I know if I had a full eternity it would get in the way of my everyday life and probably snag more of my clothes and stuff, just food for thought.

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  7. Plus, full eternity bands are hard to come by in a size 3, especially when you want to keep the stones in the 20pt range. Since I got my ring in 2005, I have come across some jewelers that claim they can do it but I'm so happy with what I have so I'm glad I didn't go that route anyway.
  8. I wear my eternity band all the time and it is very comfortable and doesn't get in the way at all. I think as long as the prongs are set properly they won't snag (just as the case would be with a half eternity).
  9. My half eternity does snag a bit though and my prongs are very low and smooth, I just happen to wear a lot of materials that kind of loose knit open work (e.g. missoni) that I HATE to get snagged. To each their own, it's just easier for me to have the half.
  10. lola, have you got a clear shot of the ring that you're wearing with the eternity band? that one looks wicked cool!
  11. THANKS! Yeah that was taken with my phone and I don't have any other pictures right now, but it's Georg Jensen, you can look it up on their website, part of the fusion collection. My husband has the two end pieces w/o diamonds (these are stackable) that make up one solid ring, mine is the piece (with diamonds) that theoretically (if the same size) would fit in the middle of his. I LOVE their stuff, if I was more into jewelry I'd get more pieces of theirs but I have so much stuff I love as it is that I don't switch off to wear..... We particularly like them because they remind us of waves!
  12. Thank you ladies so much! The pictures are very helpful and I guess I won't know what works until I try them on... One of these weekends!

    I really like the idea of the eternity band, but maybe it's more practical to get the half. My best friend wears her half daily and loves it I just don't like the way it looks when it shifts sideways. I'd have to make sure it was perfectly fitted.

    I know it's not traditional but I'm extremely excited about my decision to go for just a band and get other "engagement" jewelry! I would much rather have VCA's Magic necklace & earring set than a stone. Hands down! Now it's time to shop with my girlfriends and pass on this genius plan.
  13. You can get one that's more like 3/4 instead of halfway around:yes:
  14. I have three eternity bands that I stack for my wedding set. The middle one or engagement ring is 3 carats shared prong and the two outer rings are 1/2 carat channel set.

    I love them, they are perfect for me and I can change them up by wearing them all or one on its own. I haven't had problems with snagging and I love the patina of the platinum. I tried on a lot of styles and sizes but decided that stacking eternity bands were best for my lifestyle. I recommend just trying everything on to see how they look. Have fun!
  15. good luck trying everything on! I know IMO when you look at my picture my half eternity is fit very well and you can't exactly tell that it doesn't go all the way around (and it barely moves), people have actually mistaken it at times for a full eternity. That said, I do also wear mine on my right hand and being right handed I felt the full would get in the way. If you wear a full eternity on your non dominant hand it would probably be easier..... I have a full eternity with tiny stone that I wear on my pointer finger or thumb sometimes and it drive me nutty! I do LOVE the idea of just the band, so if that's what you're doing the full eternity may be the way to go, def. at least 20pts each but if you're finger can accommodate the 25 pointers that would be stunning (especially if you're wearing it all by itself), I LOVE the look of the 20pts in my half. Have fun!