Wedding Bands

  1. Which do you ladies prefer?

    1. Diamond eternity wedding band
    2. Plain platinum wedding band

    Just want to know more which of the above would be more practical for daily wear? Having my wedding in 2.5weeks time and on a somewhat tight schedule already.... ^_^;

  2. I have a diamond eternity band, and I love it. I wear it everyday with my engagement ring, and now with my "push" present- a sapphire/diamond eternity band. Eternity bands are great for stacking and always look gorgeous on!
  3. I have a plain platinum band, but added a diamond eternity band on 5 years. That way, you get more loot.
  4. Out of the two options you posted, I'd chose the diamond eternity band.

    You are aware that you can't resize a diamond eternity band right? Have you considered a 5 or 7 stone diamond band?
  5. both;)
  6. From a jewelers standpoint, I'm the one that does the resizings on Eternity bands and it's a HUGE pain to do them. It can be very expensive and they can be very uncomfortable if they are not perfectly sized. Keep that in mind because your ring size may change during pregnancy or with slight weight gain. Don't get me wrong, they are GORGEOUS--but it's just something you should consider.

    I myself have a simple 14k white gold band that I got for $30 7 years ago. With all the diamonds I have access to, it's the most comfortable and durable. :smile:
  7. LOL! :roflmfao:

    Japster, I'm thinking towards an eternity band or a channel ring with maybe just 5stones? Which would be easier to resize?? TIA!
  8. I have already had to replace several diamonds on my Tiffany eternity band due to wearing it when I work out and accidentally hitting other metal hard. I strongly recommend the half one will know but you and you won't have to worry about banging up the ring.
  9. That's what I was worrying about too, knocking the diamonds off etc but... the bling keeps me entranced like a Moth to flames. :shame:
  10. It would be easier to resize the 5stone. Much easier :smile:

    You can always have a lovely ring hand-designed if you can't find what you want.
  11. What do you guys think of a pave diamond ring as a wedding band? Too flashy??
  12. No- It would be lovely!

    I made something like this in pink gold for someone last year.
  13. Oh my gawd! I love the one in the middle! How many carats was it in total and how long did it take you to commission those?? :love:
  14. It was actually only about 1.4ctw and only took a few weeks. That particular design is fairly easy to find, so you can pull up many in an eBay search.
  15. i really think it depends on the blingy-ness of your engagement ring and your own personal style. i :love:love:love: my eternity band, but i also have a fairly plain e-ring and it suits me. i know some people who have bling on both, and a few with plain bands for both. they all love them. :smile: ok, that didn't help. i always vote more diamonds if i have the choice though. :smile:

    i haven't noticed my eternity band hitting anything or getting damaged in any way...i've only had it for 2 years, but it's an antique so someone else wore it for years before that and it's in pristine condition.

    congrats on your wedding. :smile: