Wedding Bands

  1. Is it unheard of to get a band ring with color stones as a wedding ring? I just got engaged and I'm now looking at wedding band choices and I really like T&Co.'s various half diamond/half sapphire full circle rings? Is it strange to have non-diamond gemstones in the band? Anyone here have a diamond and sapphire wedding band?
  2. I don't but my gf does and it looks fabulous. She however did have a simple solitaire. I am not sure how it would look against another setting!
  3. The band you're talking about is really pretty! I think it could work, but my preference is the all-diamond eternity band from Tiffany... I've been really happy with mine.
  4. My engagement ring is the classic T&Co. round 6 prong solitaire if that helps any...

    I feel like a plain band will be too simple but a full diamond eternity band would be too much and take away from the beautiful solitaire.
  5. I think it will be perfect with your e ring!
  6. Sounds like a beautiful match!