Wedding "flush" or not to "flush"?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering how people feel about wedding bands sitting "flush" to the e-ring? I've been thinking about this all day today as my e-ring is a lower setting and if I want to have my wedding band sit flush, I think I need to have one made.

    I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it either way. If anyone has pictures of their rings sitting both ways, that would be really helpful.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. ^^ I am having the same issue. Although since we haven't even set a date yet, I am probably worring about wedding bands when I should be worrying about finding a suitable venue.

    I know that I need a band that will look good with my ER and on its own because I really don't want to start our with multiple bands.
  3. Why do you feel you need a band? Can't you just use the one ring if you love it? I never even chose a wedding band. I have a gorgeous ring and to me, that is my wedding ring. You can just use your ring for your ceremony and have no worries at all! (unless within your faith you must have a plain band without stones etc.)

    Maybe in time you will find a band you just can't live without and possibly purchase that as an anniversary present to respresent one year or five years etc. Just an idea.
  4. to me it was very important to have my rings sit flush so i looked for a setting with that in mind. try on wedding bands with your ering and decide how important the look is for you.

    if you want a flush fit but also want a band you can wear alone, look into getting a shadow or spacer band made. it's a very narrow band that mirrors the shape of your ring on the top but is flat on the bottom so another ring will sit flush.
  5. how about get the person who designed your e-ring to design a matching band.
  6. Suli--I am going to have to have a custom-made wedding band for my setting that is really similar to yours.

    SO actually wants to upgrade my ring to a 3 carat round diamond solitaire on a simple platinum that case, I am just going to use a diamond eternity band as my wedding band.

    In either case, I really like the look of the wedding band being flush. :smile:

    Have you and SO set a date yet?
  7. This was a huge consideration for me... I really wanted an e-ring that could sit flush with a non-custom made band. That meant that the e-stone had to sit higher, but I didn't have a problem with that - a higher setting made it sparkle all the more!
  8. Suli,
    I agree with Kellybag.
    I don't like the look of the ering and the band not sitting's just my personal preference.
    We looked into having a custom band made, but it was too expensive and would have hid the details on my ring (diamonds and engraving all the way around).
    So I also wear just one ring and just like kellybag said, to me, it is my wedding ring. (it's also the same ring we used for our wedding ceremony)
    Good luck whatever you decide....just do what makes YOU happy!
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone! I never really thought about wedding bands until I got engaged last week - or even e-rings in general - so it was never really part of the consideration. I think the act of exchanging bands is really important to my fiance, so it's definitely something we are going to do. My e-ring band is really simple, unlike most halo-setting rings. I've always been adamant about have a plain band for my e-ring, and I suspect I will have a plain wedding band as well.

    We've decided on a date - October 2, 2008 as it's our tenth anniversary together! I think it's a HUGE milestone for us, and will be even sweeter to get married on that date.

    It's still awhile away and too early to think about wedding bands, but I've been starting a countless of pictures and just have no idea what to do. I'm one of those early, over-organized planners for nearly everything that I do in my life, so I'm thinking way ahead.

    My fiance and I aren't into the "throwing a wedding/reception" idea in the traditional sense. I think we will have a destination wedding for the two of us (or with immediate family) and then come back and throw an informal party. We're both really laid-back and shy people, and don't like to be in the center of attention.

    Sorry for the digression...thanks again for the advice
  10. Suli, considering the style of your ring and that it looks soooooo beautiful on it's own, I would consider doing the wedding band thing on the opposite hand or getting a very small, simple, flush band custom made to sit perfectly next to your ring without adding too much. We purchased my e-ring and band from Scott Kay as a set so I didn't have to worry about this. Your ring is jus so pretty I would hate to see anything take away it's look, enjoy it!

  11. I am SO EXCITED for you!!!! Make sure to soak up the engagement fun...dragging SO to overwhelming bridal shows, etc!! LOL

    October is such a beautiful month to get married in!!! Congrats again!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  12. my wedding set is flush. it would drive me crazy if it weren't. just me i guess...

  13. That is exactly what my fiance and I are doing - we are having a "destination wedding for 2", on the beach in Maui. We are also very laid back, and very private, so for us, this will have the most meaning. As for the question about wedding bands, I prefer flush. However, if you look at the thread on celebrity rings, many of the bands do not sit flush with the engagement ring - in a way, I think that this look is more sophisticated.
  14. I used to think wedding bands and engagement rings had to sit flush to look proper, but not anymore! There is something careless and casual about rings that are spaced apart, that I like. This looks better if you have longer fingers. Just a personal preference, IMO!
  15. Mine do not sit flush. I have a very low setting also. I did not want a curved band, because I wanted to be able to wear the band on it's own sometimes too. So I had them make a band that matches the one on my engagement ring, but there is a tiny space between the two rings. I love the way it looks! I'll post pics when I pick it up from the jeweler.