Wedding band...which one (Tiffany, Harry Winston)?

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  1. 4534CC71-26A2-4D98-9127-16CE0CB59724.jpeg 7066758D-CCC5-4B7A-8FFE-244714C80900.jpeg 8BF1B373-F983-474A-8524-60E73D34CBC1.jpeg From top to bottom: Tiffany harmony, Harry Winston ribbon, Harry Winston tryst. Which one is the best for wearing alone AND stacked?
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  2. I like how the third one looks.
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  3. I really like the third one, but the first one is lovely too and would be my second choice. GL
  4. Tryst is my current top pick for a stand alone wedding band, but I’m not so sure about wearing it with the ering, looks too much/wide?
  5. I would keep looking. None of them sit well with your e ring. Have you thought about getting a custom one that sits flush with your e ring?
  6. I don’t love any of them. I’m sorry. Can you try something straighter?
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  7. Maybe it's the photos plus the bands are not my size but the harmony and tryst can actually sit flush with my e ring. They all have that notch design that makes space for the diamond setting.
  8. I have tried the Tiffany metro band, which just looks plain to me, especially when worn alone. I'll keep looking for more straight designs though!
  9. I think you have the notch on the first one upside down.
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  10. A7357511-C6D4-49CB-ABDE-665B1D1A6E9A.jpeg B1A6B497-B659-4CFB-A769-1F497A5B47CA.jpeg Here’s mine for example—had the band custom made with a notch to sit flush with the e ring. Designer of both is Danhov.
    I don’t really ever wear the band alone but I think a thicker anniversary type band would be better if I only wanted to wear a band.
  11. This looks cool! Maybe I should get something like this just to go with my ering. There are days where I prefer wearing wedding band alone due to the nature of my job though.
    The harmony band actually looks like a bow, so it has notches on both sides.
  12. Thanks, I just really like how clean it looks stacked together. Not a fan of band and e-ring combos with awkward looking gaps personally. You could always get an anniversary band to wear and swap to your left hand if you just want to wear a plain band.
  13. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I agree that a plain band can look plain. I just don’t like the notches. They never look right to me and always sit funny unless they are soldered. By straighter, I meant something without notches

    But that’s the beautiful of rings. I prefer something unique that I can wear alone as well as with my e-ring like the Tiffany jazz while others don’t like gaps etc. We all have personal preferences. You are the one who is going to be looking at your hand all day so get something YOU love.

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  14. The jazz band looks so good! I'll put it on my try on list the next time I visit the store.
  15. the third one is my favorite