Wedding band to match my engagement ring..

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  1. I wish I could download a picture of my ring but for some reason I can't.
    It's a four carat emerald cut with small bagets pointing outward on either side, I'm at a loss as to what type of band to wear with it, I've tried several but because of the emerald shape center stone can't find anything that looks good and fits comfortably, everything seems to look odd. The stone is an emerald brilliant btw.
  2. You could get a narrow baguette band. But I am suspecting the setting is going to cause issues with anything being flush against it.
  3. That's about the only type of band that I can think of but they are hard to come by. I might have to have something custom made. I don't mind that a band wouldn't fit flush though. I'm thinking maybe a curved band with tiny pave stones and then solder them together.
  4. i would wear a band on the other hand. Let the ring shine on its own! :smile:

  5. I love this idea!🏻
  6. You can also do a "right hand ring" as your wedding ring, and wear your engagement ring on the left hand. Then you get to wear two amazing rings, instead of the wedding ring having to play second fiddle. This is what I did...though I eventually got a diamond band to wear on the left hand with the engagement ring as well :smile:
  7. I like the idea of wearing your wedding band on your right hand.
  8. I'm also liking this look more and more. It's very east coast to wear your wedding band on your left and move your engagement ring to the right. Especially if the engagement ring has some size to it.
  9. I like all your ideas as well, thank you