Wedding band Share-setting diamond full circle or half circle

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  1. My E-ring is Tiffany Soleste 2.11ct (, now I have decided for Wedding band, go with Shared-setting 3.5mm. I tried both full circle and half circle, feel that half circle is comfortable, but I do love more diamonds on the band if going with full circle.

    What was your choice , full circle diamond or half circle, and why? Thanks.
    2016-07-01 14.20.21.jpg
  2. Half. You can't really size a full eternity. You may gain or loose weight down the road. Do you have a modeling shot of the soleste with the band?
  3. Half for sure - way more comfortable and easily sized if needed
  4. half.
  5. Hi Rami, yes I did try. The Soleste diamond looks too dainty with the Soleste E-ring, that is why I would like to get Shared-setting diamond band rather than soleste band.
  6. I like the band Rami posted. I also think it would go nicely with your ering Lisa.
  7. Here I am attaching two pics that my E-ring with 3.5mm Shared-setting diamond band, and 3.7mm shared-setting diamond band. Pls let me know what you think?

    1) 3.5mm Shared-setting half-circle diamond band with E-ring (2.11 Soleste ring)
    2016-07-11 00.54.11.jpg

    2) 3.7mm Shared-setting half-circle diamond band with E-ring
    2016-07-11 00.52.39.jpg
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  8. Between the two, I prefer the 3.5mm. Honestly, I think these bands would look great on their own but they are to thick and they overwhelmed your beautiful Soleste. I showed my hubby the pictures and asked him to pick and he doesn't like either one. Do you have a picture of it with the Soleste band?
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  9. Hi "MatAllston" I agree with you. As you can see from pics, even these 3.5mm or 3.7mm diamonds, some of them are overlapped by the Soleste ring; I had tried the Soleste band first, because the ring is so thin and tiny, the Soleste band is almost invisible when next to the E-ring. My theory was to use a bit bigger diamond band to be visible, as wedding band, but it seems now "overwhelmed" versus E-ring....
  10. Go back to the boutique and try on the Soleste band. If you have not, give the Legacy band a try too. Take your time to decide. Your Soleste is big and stunning, so I think a thin band will jazz it up and still let the e ring take center stage.
  11. I did try all of them already, the Soleste diamond band, Legacy diamond, they all looked too thin/invisible next to my E-ring. I guess I will stick with 3.5mm Shared-setting for now.
  12. The bands are too thick and make your Soleste look cheap, like you are trying to get more bling by stacking. But all it looks like is you are stacking. Your Soleste is gorgeous so you should highlight it. It should all be about your Soleste. I would get the Soleste band. These two look like a hodge podge.
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  13. I tend to agree with the others regarding the larger band - your ring is beautiful, let it be the centerpiece. Another suggestion if you want a bit more "thickness" on the band would be to try a soleste band on each side of the ring, like ring guards. You would still have some sparkle and create a bit more width, but it would make more of a matching set. Just my opinion.
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  14. I agree about those bands being too thick for your engagement ring. A thin band would look so much better.