Wedding band for round solitaire

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just joined this forum and I'm enjoying reading all of your posts! I would like your opinion on choosing a wedding band for my engagement ring. I have a round solitaire 6-prong ring and I'm debating between a diamond eternity band or a simple milgrain band. I love the look of the eternity band on its own, but also the elegant simplicity of a milgrain band. If any of you have a similar engagement ring, would you please share your opinions and pictures!

    Thanks in advance!! =)
  2. Hi ShootingStar! I used to have round 6-prong but recently had it reset to a 4 prong with prong-set diamond band. I thought I'd show you my wedding bands anyhow since I think they would look great with a 6 prong (I was originally going to keep my 6 prong with these bands).

    Here it is:

    and here are my eternity bands:

    and this is how they look together

    Hope that helps you! My eternity bands are 2mm "shared setting".
  3. Hi Love_Savvy! Your rings are gorgeous! I like your idea of putting all 3 rings together. They fit together so well and don't look too gaudy! Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. love that savvy!
    I'd go for the eternity, it's actually exactly why I chose my recent upgrade to be a solitaire.
    Dh will start colleting eternity bands for me to mix and match or to wear alone.
  5. I have both a plain and a diamond band. I usually wear my ering with the diamond band, and the plain band with the diamond band. Rarely just the ering and plain band. :smile:

    Here's my set.


  6. Eternity!!!

    sometimes i think the diamond solitaire by itself looks kind of really makes it sparkle more with the eternity band.
  7. I don't think that you can go wrong with either one, but I love the extra sparkle the eternity gives!
  8. I agree with LV Raks too, and congragulations on your wedding too. Welcome to tPF BTW.

    Here is mine, I swear pictures dont do it any justice, I need a better camera!
  9. Another vote for an eternity band!

    I love shared prong w-bands and I really love Memoire bands!
  10. I don't have a full eternity--just a half. I had so many issues with the ring that was full eternity, though that was just shoddy workmanship. But having to be scared of that made it not worthwhile to have a full eternity ring.
  11. Thanks for all of your replies! I love all of your rings and you've been so helpful! I think the halfway eternity band is my decision, but I have time since we're not getting married until 2009 (no official date yet). I'll have fun looking around in the mean time! :tup:
  12. I love the idea and the look of a solitaire with an eternity band.
  13. well i can see whats popular on here.. a simple band and a band with diamonds... i always thought that might look odd so i got this instead
  14. I actually like the simple band and a band with diamonds. But again it depends on each one's style.
  15. Here is mine.
    Ring.jpg Ring1.jpg