wedding anniversary gift reveal


May 16, 2010

as usual, we had our Sunday brunch - but this time hubs wanted to pop into the store (he usually hates going in lol). He said since our second wedding anniversary is just around the corner he's letting me pick out something I want. I wasn't really feeling anything at LV for a while so I first went to check out some other boutiques.. Balenciaga, Cèline, Givenchy, etc. but nothing really excited me. I decided I wasn't going settle just yet and i'd sleep on it. So on our way out we had to pass by Louis to say hi to our SA/friends. We ended up staying a couple of hours and I decided to get something I've always put off getting. It actually turned out to be perfect because we both can enjoy it.. without further ado​

the Keepall Bandoulière 55 in Monogram
we originally got it in Macassar but I just lvoe the gold hardware and the potential patina that the classic offers

the box is also sitting on another (early) anniversary gift that we got for each other, a new triple reclining sofa/loveseat set

I debated getting the luggage tag hot stamped with a single initial "S"
since i can also use it with my other monogram handbags but ultimately
decided that was too selfish :shame: (I'm sure hubs wouldn't have minded
plus i can always just purchase another)

Made in France.. but of course


Speedy Addict
Feb 7, 2012
Congrats and Happy Anniversary! LV is a great way to celebrate!!


Feb 12, 2013
Happy Anniversary and congratulations on your purchase. The monogramming on the luggage tag is so classy.