Wedding Anniversary Gift from my DH! :-)

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  1. As some of you Ladies know I just recently joined the Orange side. Yesterday was our Wedding Anniversary and he surprised me with an orange box and dozen red roses! :nuts: That came from a Man who doesn't believe in shopping at Hermes and any other expensive Boutique. I was shocked and VERY happy!

    Any guesses? :graucho:

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  2. nice husband you have.

    now take them off the boxes. :P
  3. I would guess.... you have a wonderful husband.

    Just a guess :P

    nowwwwwwww strip!!
  4. First, Congratulations! happy Anniversary! what a DH, anything from H will satisfy me.
  5. Ooooh
  6. Ohhhhh I'm ready!!!!!!
  7. Happy Anniversary! A good DH!

    Could it be a bracelet inside the lovely orange box?
  8. Haven't been to a live one in a while...

    That is sooo sweet!!
  9. So here it is! My new Hermes watch! I love it! :heart: And since I'm a huge Blue Jean Lover, my DH ordered me an extra BJ watch strap so the watch can match my BJ Picotin! :smile:

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  10. Beautiful Roses!!!!
  11. Oh congratulations on a gorgeous watch and on your anniversary!!
  12. Oh what a sweet DH! beautiful watch!
  13. Very nice H-our Maxi watch! Congratulations!:wlae:

  14. OMG he did that all by himself!!!!!! And an extra watchband!!!!!! Sensational!!!!
  15. Thank you for sharing my joy! Yes, I do have a wonderful Husband that puts up with my expensive "hobbys"!