wedding advice needed:which look is more formal for a chanel flap?

  1. hey ladies
    i have a wedding this weekend to attend and I had a question about wearing a chanel flap bag. i have a "hybrid" black flap from this season which i am pairing with a nice black bcbg dress for the wedding.

    my question is, does the chanel flap look more formal when worn long, with a single strap or shorter, with a double flap, so it's just under my arms? I am thinking that the shorter style makes it seem more casual than the longer single strap??

    what do you think ladies??
  2. I think the longer strap looks a little dressier, but I think the dress itself will make the bag look dressy. You're good to go. =)
  3. yep I agree. One long strap is a much more formal look, than the more carefree double strap.

    Have a fabulous time at the wedding. :smile:
  4. ^^^agree. Or just holding it under your arm like they are showing in some photos of flaps looks kind of cool.
  5. I've also seen models carrying them in hand like a clutch with the chains shortened, but I would think over the shoulder is more easy, leaves the hands free. (I love the medium flaps -- they transition so well,for any occasion.)

    Enjoy the wedding!!!
  6. I would wear the strap longer, too! Have fun!
  7. I think carrying it like a clutch would be the dressiest. Have a great time! :wlae:
  8. i actually think that wearing it double strapped on your shoulders would look the most formal.. that's just my opinion though..
  9. ^^
    I agree with sammix3. Doesn't wearing it longer look messenger-style and thus more casual? But that's just my opinion.

    For pairing with dresses in a more formal occasion - I prefer wearing it doublestrapped over the shoulder.

    Either way though - you'll look fab and I hope you have a great time at the wedding!
  10. I will say wear w/the double straps or as a clutch.
  11. ITA. :smile: I know some vintage Chanel bags already have a longer strap, but I really think the classic flap looks most elegant when it's worn with both straps at the same length, just under the arm. :smile: One strap to me is actually more casual... IMO, someone who wants wear the flap messenger style or give off a casual vibe by letting the flap hit their hip, etc. is what I think of with one strap. Alternatively, you can just carry it as a clutch with the straps tucked inside, but that might be a pain to do the for whole night haha... so double strap it (IMO)! :p Have a great time at the wedding!!

  12. Ditto!
    Have fun @ the wedding!
  13. i prefer the double straps too! enjoy the wedding!
  14. go for the longer strap
  15. I think that bag will look great no matter how you wear it. It's a beautiful Chanel and it can dress up anything.

    Have fun!