Wedding advice needed urgently!

  1. :cursing:My fiance and I have been together for 6 years in January and are living together. We have been engaged for a few years and have decided that we want to get married next summer. We have left it a little late and I have to get married in the school hols as I am a teacher.

    This is the problem: My dream venue is totally booked up, they only have a SUnday available. My seceond choice (would much rather the first) is also totally booked up and only has a friday.

    My mum thinks that Sunday is a bad day as everyone has work the next day and also it is not even going to be even cheaper. She thinks that Friday is better but thinks that people won't want to take the day off work.

    What do I do? Go for the one I really want on a Sunday? Or the second choice on a Friday? I really don't want to wait another year to do it on a Saturday!

    This is seriously stressing me out!!!
  2. I had my wedding on a Friday night, and it actually worked very well, especially for out of town guests. That way they could enjoy their whole weekend in San Francisco with the wedding done on Friday night.

    I see nothing wrong with a Sunday wedding, if it is earlier in the day.
  3. With the Sunday wedding it would go on until midnight, is that bad? Would people not want to take Monday off work?
  4. My daughter and her partner have been together for 12 years and due to family problems (his parents have had a nasty divorce after being married for 34 years) were unable to invite both to the wedding. They have recently come back from the US after a holiday and decided to get married on 28th September this year. Needless to say they originally wanted to get married on a Saturday but have opted for the Friday. They only gave me 5 weeks notice so everything is now arranged etc. they have the venue they wanted in London and invitations have been sent out and accepted. If friends and family want to attend they will do and seeing as it is over 10 months away they will book their holidays around it with no problems. It will be a long weekend for many of your guests and l am sure that they will enjoy it. Good luck :heart:
  5. I'd choose the Sunday at my dream venue.
  6. Honestly, both Friday night and Sunday night are really inconvenient for out-of-town guests. No one wants to have to burn a vacation day just to go to a wedding, whether it's Friday or Monday.

    If you must do a Sunday wedding, do it earlier in the day so people can get home afterwards.
  7. I'd do the Sunday at the dream venue.. everyone will come to the wedding, no one will be like "wahh I have to go to work the next day" just because its a Sunday.. no one passes up a free good time! I think Sunday is perfect!

    Also, even if they do cry about it and not show up, you will be at your dream venue, so you will be happy that it was there!! :heart:
  8. I actually want a Sunday wedding, so I say go for it! ...and the people who care will be there no matter the day! If people feel "inconvenienced" then they probably shouldn't come to the wedding in the first place as they will only bring the mood down. Just my opinion...
  9. One of my friends said that there is no way that anyone would miss it, anyway it is local for everyone apart from my Uni friends
  10. Certainly there must be other acceptable venues out there? Saturday really is the easiest day for guests. Sunday would be my second choice, as people will not be as tired after a long week of work.
  11. Then, if you insist on doing it on Sunday night, you'll just have to accept that those friends might not come and/or might feel inconvenienced. It's easy to say that people who would find the timing difficult should just stay home, but in reality they will probably WANT to come and celebrate with you.

    The last time I had to go to a wedding on a Sunday night, DH and I had to take a 5am flight the next morning in order to be back at work on time on Monday. I don't have great memories of that wedding as the inconvenience of the whole thing really overshadowed it all, but she was a close college friend of DH's, so he felt like he had to go.
  12. SUNDAY!
  13. All my uni friends are in London (40 min drive ) and all our friends live within 35 mins of the venue. The thing is around here there are not that many venues that are really nice and we don't want to have it further away as we can't afford to pay for all our guests to stay in hotels but also don't want them to have to either kwim?
  14. If you have a wedding on Friday at day time, people are going to be really upset. Sunday might not be ideal but at least they won't have to take the day off.
  15. ^^ If a 40 min drive is the furthest away anyone is, that's not so bad then.