1. Hey. I'm new here, I've looked through some post, but haven't seen anyone ask this question before. I don't have any Chanel bags yet, but I'm looking to buy my first one soon. I live out in the middle of no where, so the closet place that sales Chanel is almost 3 hours away, so I've been looking online and can't really find a place where I could order one offline, I mean I have found a few places, but they only had like 3 bags to choose from. So I was wondering if yall knew of any good websites.

    Thanks for yalls help.
  2. this is asked a lot actually.
    There are no authorized online retailers of Chanel.
    You may find someone selling used Chanel or super duper past saesons, but not brand new, authentic, current season merchandise.
    It's just not offered online.
    Your best bet is to look through our Reference Library, find a style and call the 800 Chanel #.
  3. Or may I suggest you take a look at, I know what they show is very limited, but if you find the bag you like shown on, just give a boutique a call and they can take your order by phone.
  4. I don't live near a boutique either and I just order by phone. As long as you know what you're looking for, or even have an item number, it's easy to order through a boutique.