Websites to watch out for-FAKES/Don't respond

  1. Hi All,

    I went to a few websites and was trying to sell them on an auction site. I wish I would have done my home work because something didn't set right with me when I emailed them. These sites of course mirror one another, but what websites don't know adays. The prices for the handbags were priced so low, that I went nuts. I placed some online to sell as I also do Dropshipping.

    When I contacted them, I got no response from either website and I got really suspicious. I got an email right way, but it was only the general candid response that you can set up if you have a website on line. I never got a response no matter how many times I emailed all 3 sites and that was it. I canceled my orders sending them yet another email and I refunded my customers immediately off my paypal account and that was that.

    If its too good to be true, it probably is.

    Sites to watch out for: - Authentic Designer Products for Less - Authentic Designer Products for Less

    I went to to see who the owners were for these websites were and they all had the same area code, so I knew something was up. Thank god, I acted fast, refunded my customers and got my credit card number changed and cancelled that card.

  2. Good advice! "If it's too good to be true, it probably is"--I view auction sites like eBay with this rule.
  3. The stuff in our Cheap Bags Thread is much cuter. And waaaay cheaper!

    I certainly hope that no well-meaning |_33+ 4@X0rzz will get any bright ideas like replacing all their offerings with cool cheap bags.

    Because that would be just plain wrong.
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