Websites to view all current Chanel wallets and earrings?

  1. LOL Sorry I am such a Chanel there a website (kinda like Elux for LV) where I can go and view all of the available wallet and earring/necklace styles? TIA

    Also, what is an approximate price of a larger Chanel wallet? Thanks!:p
  2. nope. Just but it dosent show you everything, not even 1/100th of what chanel carries.

    For a larger wallet your looking anywhere between 475-700+
  3. Thanks! I am thinking of the one that is the zippy there a proper name for that, or is it just a 'zippy wallet'?

    LOL I am so confused! ;)
  4. Is there a specific one you are looking for? Honestly, chanel dosent make alot of zippy style wallets. They are mostly the flap kinds with zippered compartments on the inside of the wallet. Although, I have seen 1-2 zippered ones. The PNY chanel wallet is zippered and also has a snap flap type of thing on the other side. Search for it in this forum, many people here have it, including myself. its $675.00. If you have one in mind, you should post the pic and we can help you with the style number.
  5. yeah I don't think there are many 'zippy' ones like the LV zippy organizer. The PNY one is very nice, but kind of pricey for me. I guess the best thing to do is look through the forum not really anywhere online to look. I couldn't find any wallets I liked on here so I just went to the boutique and had the SA take out all the wallets LOL.
  6. ^lol I will make a trip to the Chanel counter and narrow down the description for ya :smile: to get pros/cons and opinions! :smile: