Websites that sell real or "inspired" items

  1. i've been checking about different websites selling "authentic" handbags and shoes. Some of the ones I've seen are,, and raffaello network. Are these sites selling authentic shoes and handbags? Are there ones to avoid?

    I went to Tod's today and the shoes that I want are sold out. Some of the sites have my size.

    I would really appreciate a feedback. I do not like buying "inspired" items.

  2. Eluxury is TOTALLY LEGIT.
    Net-a-porter, I hear is also legit, although I've never bought any bags there (they dont sell my brand!)
  3. I've heard from other folks here on tpf that Rafaello Network is legit.
  4. Eluxury & Net-a-Porter are both definitley legit. Everything they sell is guaranteed designer.
  5. True.
  6. Those are both okay. Don' forget JCMadison and Adasa. They're awesome too! :tup:
  7. Unfortunately, if you check the Balenciaga boards you will find a Rafaelo alert that some bags were not quite right. That was really a shame...l
  8. Net-A-Porter is totally legit as is Elux.
  9. Hi! I'm new here. Please give me some advice. I'm interesting to buy Bbag from "Diabro" website, from Japan. Are they sell authentic bags? :confused1:
  10. From what I've heard, Diabro is totally legitimate.
  11. Does anyone know
    They are a link from msn shopping, but I'd love to hear from anyone who may know before I spend any $$$ on anything.
  12. There is a thread that lists legit handbag websites. If you're looking for a deal, you should def. check out the Deals and Steals subforum. We're all vigilant legit. deal finders here.

    Some of the sites I like that sell legit stuff are:
    -Neiman Marcus

    There are others. Does anyone know where the full list is located?
  13. Yes, wasn't there a list of both real and fake sellers? I wish someone could sticky it, so new members can find it and know, too. We could also update it.
  14. A list of tPF's legit partners is listed here: