Websites that sell authentic Rebecca Minkoff?

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  1. Hi everyone! Mods, sorry if this is a duplicate thread but I did a search and couldn't come up with one. For all you Rebecca Minkoff addicts, can you please help a RM newbie and tell me where I can purchase an authentic RM on-line other than her website? I know you can purchase from NM, Nordies, Shopbop and all those other stores from her list on the webpage & I've seen Label360 but where else? I did a google search and a whole bunch of websites came up advertising her bags so I'm a little leary and want to purchase an authentic one since this will be my first!:yahoo:Thanks all!!
  2. Have you checked the following websites?
    They all sell authentic RM handbags, are RM's being replicated? I haven't heard anything. In any event, check out the above sites. I'm sure there are more but these are the one's that instantly came to mind. Good Luck.
  3. hi there,
    on the website, RM lists the webstores where you can find her items online. go to the STORES tab, then to WEBSTORES for the list.

    when you click on the webstore name, it takes you directly to their website link. you can find some really good coupon codes for many of the sites that carry her bags. good luck!
  4. Try as well. I got my mini there. They used to be known as azaleaonline. I wasn't sure they were the same so I called RM directly to confirm. I got their name off the RM website. There are others listed.
    Funky La-La
    Bag Trends

    Try some of those as well. For more. Go to, enter the site, click on stores -> webstores and there's a list there. They link you directly with approved sites.

    Good Luck!

  5. LOL! I was typing while you were posting. Great minds....
  6. yes...great minds who LOVE Rebecca Minkoff bags! hehe
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm new to RM and honestly don't know too much about the bags but love the way they look and am drooling over the Mini Morning After!:drool: Everything is replicated today and I just wanted to be sure not the throw my $$ away on a fake and to be sure to get the real thing. There was a blue one on eBay and someone else had the faster trigger finger than me. Darn!:sad: Hope I can still get that 30% discount from Label360? Wish me luck!!:smile:
  8. Good Luck! You'll love it! Remember to post pics.
  9. revolveclothing - they have 25% off right now with lucky25