Websites that sell authentic LV othe than eluxury?

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  1. I think I remember someone posting a small authentic site a while back...?
  2. Nope....not for brand new. The only two sites are Louis Vuitton and Eluxury. Any other site claiming to sell brand new, authentic LV is a scam.

    There are a bunch of legitimate reseller sites though.
  3. Thanks so much for posting that. I always wondered where else they sold it but now I know :tup:
  4. Yup. Any site that claims they get LV "factory seconds" or that they get them "wholesale" is a total scam.

    And yeah, there are several legit reseller sites. off the top of my head, these sites are: fashionphile, let-trade, karen kooper.

    though before purchasing anything from any second-hand site you should post links to the item in the "Authenticate this LV" thread, and have the experts check it out, just to be 100% sure the item is authentic. Mistakes do happen and even very reputable hi-volume sellers have occasionally had a fake "slip-thru the cracks" and end up on their site. but this doesn't happen often, and when it does happen the tpf'ers are quick to set 'em straight! :biggrin:
  5. You can only buy New Louis Vuitton leather goods at and

    You'll find authentic second-hand sites in this list:

    Like sweetneet said you should post links to the item in the Authenticate this LV thread in order to verify the authenticity :yes: