Websites carrying Hayden-Harnett Accessories?

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks to this forum, and curent owners of the bag's pics, I am interested in purchasing some stuff from them.

    Can anyone please give the website they have bought their handbags from other then their official website?

    Website I have gathered from wonderful PFers owner so far :

    Anything else, it would be great to know so that we all can get the best deals when it comes to sales and coupons..:smile:

    Thanks everybody!:yes:
  2. Actually, eBay is a good place to get HH bags - there are no fakes as of yet & the sellers I've bought from have been honest & great to deal with. I'm a HH addict (the quality is so much better than my Kooba Sienna & equal to my Fendi spy) & have bought from fengjunk, lunaboston & the Hayden Harnett website. I've had GREAT service from all (including eBay) except Hayden Harnett. They didn't ship part of my order & it took several phone calls to get the problem rectified. They were nice on the phone but never returned my calls or let me know what was going on - the missing items just magically appeared about 10 days after my 1st call regarding the missing items. I don't want to badmouth them - they were really nice & make really great bags but now I look elsewhere to buy. Anyway, I'd highly recommend both fengjunk & lunaboston & would encourage looking to see what's on eBay.
  3. I have ordered from Fengjunk and Luna Boston...Fengjunk was REALLY quick, the bag was perfect and the price was very good. Luna Boston are the nicest people to deal with and they have a great selection. I did order a bag from HH, it came very quickly but the style didn't work for me (it was fabulous leather and a really nice colour though), I called, spoke to a polite receptionist and sent the bag back, it seemed to all go very smooth so they may be getting the cutomer service thing down now.
  4. I wish I hadn't mentioned the thing with Hayden Harnett - I really didn't mean to cast a bad light on them - they were REALLY nice & they did get make it right. The others were just soooooo PERFECT that I felt I had to mention it. Like I said - I'm addicted to their bags so I absolutely wouldn't want to say anything that would damage their reputation. Sorry.
  5. ^^ I am sure you didn't mean it that way.:yes:

    Thanks kimi and soundpam

    anyway another reputable website-
  6. Be careful, the Blondette website is (no s). If you type it in the other way you get a porno site! :nuts: :nuts:

    BTW, the blondette website has the mercer satchel in luggage on sale for $358 if anyone is interested (about $90 off retail):yes:
  7. Thanks amelia for that error, I can imagine my hubby's horror if I click to that website by accident to show him the bag I wanted!:shame: