Website vs. Ebay & Other Venues...HELP!

  1. Hello,
    First to all that are reading and to all of you that know me:biggrin: !

    I don't want to take up to much of anybody's time, but I HAVE to ask...

    I am a seller on ebay under the name, well my user name here:shame: , thompk, and I like ebay because it does bring in new customers
    world wide...I have met SO many people that seem to be so greatful
    to deal with an honest seller...I am not tooting my own horn here...I
    just know how I would like to be treated!!:smile:

    However, my prices have to be SO high because of all the fees (ebay & paypal) etc. & I really don't like to have my customers incur all of those fees, yet I can't lose money either???? It is REALLY frustrating!:rant:

    Anyway, most of my customers now are repeat customers that will just use Paypal after I send a Money Request etc...but, I would LOVE to get opinions on what would make new buyers, especially the PF girls, to buy from a website that I am in the process of building?

    I have opened my business under King Chex Holdings LLC and I work as a Personal Shopper, but I want the Website to FEEL safe....I am not going to post my feedback on my own site b/c I feel that people that do that are just cutting and pasting...

    Anyway, If any of you have any ideas as to what make you feel good about a transaction from my's not up yet, but will be soon :biggrin: ...not that I am a snob...BUT VERY picky about handbags! Well...sort of a handbag least with my babies:love: !

    SO...all suggestions and critiques are welcome....if you all have the time! Thank you SO much! Kristy (thompk):roflmfao:
  2. I think as long as you sell your bags below retail, people will be interested otherwise I would think they would rather buy it at a store where they can exchange or return. So I think pricing is the key and the availability of hard-to-get items (so off season maybe?).
  3. ^^ I agree with chigirl!
  4. And be careful because most of the big design houses don't take kindly to people selling their goods on the Internet, they may ask you to cease and desist as you are not an authorized reseller...
  5. As far as the "reselling" goes...I have more people that actually have me go out and purchase certain bags for whatever reason and the "finders fee" / service of me doing that is what they are charged for...:blink: Do you think that will cause a problem...that is what I of my customers that lives in Boston sends me all over South Florida (where you can find older bags on sale...& marked down etc....b/c almost all of the Dept Stores send everything down here...)...Anyway, she pays the price of the bag...and then a fee for "my time..." (Which can be A LOT of time!:rolleyes: )

    I also completely understand when everyone wants lower prices, but for some of the harder colors to get...or if I just happen to have some sitting on the side...where they are the older colors...and people actually have to hunt them down...then they can go for what I paid.

    Anyway, I am thinking of not really dealing with Balenciaga least not as frequently...I don't think I am going to relist most of my bags...not sure yet.

    Thanks for the input!
  6. I think as well that the price will be the key of success. If you price them below or at retail new buyers will buy otherwise I think you'll have a lot in stock. B-bags aren't as hard to get as they used to be so people won't be willing to pay above retail. My experience here is that if you are patient you'll get the rare colour you like for at most the retail price. I wouldn't pay above retail. Using you as a personal shopper is a different caddle of fish than people pay the fee because they don't want to do it by themself. I wish you good luck for your future business.
  7. Thank you SO much for all of your input! I completely understand where you are coming from! Most people that do work with me (not on repeat customers!) obviously don't pay that much higher than retail...sometimes it's just the taxes that I have already paid.
    Anyway, thanks SO much again...& you're right...they aren't as hard to get as they used to be...maybe I should stick to the Ostrich Muse! That seems to be one that everyone had to wait for;) and they paid over retail!
  8. Hello Thompk!
    I understand your concern but tend to agree with other members: the interests for eBay comes from the fact you get to buy designer bags at a lower price than retail. If eBay becomes more expensive, I will tend to go to Balenciaga to get my bag.

    What makes me trust a seller:
    - Politeness and keenness to provide more information about the product
    - Secured payment platform
    - Personal data policy (access to your personal data - protection of these)
    - Exchange/return policy
    - Tracking number when delivering the goods (always through a trusted company such as UPS or USPS)

    I am a frequent reader of your offers on eBAy :amuse:
  9. Thanks again, so much, for all of your input!:biggrin: I have been referred to as a polite & knowledgeable seller and for now I would definitely be using Paypal as my Payment form...not ready to get into the whole credit card renting machine, etc...

    On my auctions I have stated "No Returns" to ward off bidders that just buy & then expect to return when they develope "buyer's remorse!":yes: ...yes, I have had that too! But, for selling it is REALLY HARD TO DEAL WITH!!! I am one person & can't expect everything I send out to come back...for rediculous reasons!

    I ALWAYS use USPS unless the buyer requests another carrier...UPS & FEDEX are REALLY just more expensive!!

    And the last one?? What exactly do you mean by the Personal Data Policy? Protection of the Buyer's Information??? That, for me, is a given, but that is a GREAT idea to include in my policies....

    Thanks so much...Oh, and thanks for looking at my auctions!! K:biggrin:
  10. I think I will hold on to some of the older colors for a bit...and then just list them later on when they really can't be bought anymore...As far as the other ones...I think I will just bring them back or send them...who knows:smile: