Website trouble?

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  1. Anybody having Coach website trouble? I keep trying to place my order and can never check-out. Any helpful hints out there? Or must I use my telephone!!! Thanks . . .
  2. You're not the only one, I've tried for days and when I hit check out it takes me to a different screen. I was just pricing some stuff and was thinking of calling with my PCE, now I've almost talked myself out of buying anything.

    Coach has the most undependable websites I've ever dealt with, there is really no excuse.
  3. I am sorry you are having the problem, too. Guess it's phone time! But I so prefer the computer ordering!!!
  4. Asked my teenage boys what to do and they said I should clear the cache and the cookies. I went in and deleted the current cookies for When I tried again, success! Hope this helps if you, too, have been having trouble with the site . . .