Website to purchase cosmetic online

  1. Does anyone know what is a good website to purchase cosmetic? (In order not to pay sales tax :graucho:).
  2. Sephora! I don't believe they charge sales tax either.
  3. However, if there's sephora store in our area, they'll charge us sales tax, isn't it?

    I used to purchase from but now they're closed. sigh*
  4. Yeah, why the heck did Gloss close? How about're getting more and more.
  5. I don't have a Sephora in my state, so I always purchase online, but if you do have one local, they will probably charge you sales tax if you purchase in the store.

    Another good site is I've purchased from that site before.
  6. Sephora is great BUT I get charged sales tax. I believe it they have a retail store in your home state you're stuck paying tax even if the store is 100s of miles from you. is good too but hey have a limited selection.

    Nordstrom and Saks both have a decent selection on their websites.

    Oh so many great sites are gone....Anyone remember ??? I loved that site.
  7. You don't say what state you live in but, of these sites...

    ...surely there's one that won't charge you tax.
  8. actually after I try to think about it again, gloss does charge me sales tax but lower than the sales tax in the store. It's a good website though, I got lots of small gooddies from there.
  9. Here are two other sites you might be interested in checking out. I don't think they charge sales tax but shipping charges will probably be applied.

    Has special loyalty discounts and doesn't charge sales tax.

    DHC Skin Care

    Their catalogues usually include up to three free samples of their products. My personal favorite product is their Deep Cleansing Oil.
  10. Try

    I've ordered plenty from them ... they have some makeup and alot of different skincare lines. Canadian based, but they ship nearly everywhere (although there may be some shipping restrictions on certain products). They also have a forum linked to their site that is very informative. I was there alot until I became addicted to TPF. :smile:
  11. i like drugstore/ because they actually give you a 5% (of the amount you spent today) rebate that you can redeem in the next quarter of the year to knock off some in your purchase. and i really like their customer service too, very prompt replies, unlike a couple of online merchants i've come across :noworry: