Website to Match Lipstick Colors of Different Brands?

  1. I wonder... is there a website that lists color matches of different lipstick brands? Like, if there is a color in Chanel that I love, does MAC make a similar shade? Or Dior? Or Clinique? Yadda-yadda.... I have my certain favorite colors and formulas, but sometimes I like to try something new and yet keep my same (or close to the same) color. Am I making sense? (Does anyone else wonder about this?)
  2. 3 Custom Color is the best. You send them the swatch, they will match, right down to the consistency and get the item back to you in about 3 weeks.
  3. DC-Cutie, thanks for the tip, but what I'm really looking for would be like a big huge chart that would match up different lines and different formulas, so that, for instance, if I am currently using Chanel Aqualumiere in Yucatan, what color/formula of Dior's would be the most like it? Or what lipstick in Bare Escentuals, or Bobbi Brown, or Shu Uemora, etc.? Does anybody know of such a thing?
  4. ^ OMG yay! :yahoo:

    I have this Rimmel lipstick that I'm totally sending them. It is the best shade ever and they don't make it anymore! Thanks for the link!!!!!!

    To the OP, I'm not sure if something like that exists :shrugs: It would be cool if it did though!
  5. Temptalia often has posts with similar colors in terms of lip sticks, eyeshadows, etc.
  6. I second the Temptalia recommendation. The problem you will run into is if your lipstick colour is old (like pre-2010), it's less likely it will have a 'modern' equivalent unless it is an iconic shade (i.e. Chanel Rouge Noir, Clinique Black Honey) compared to it...
  7. Temptalia does a really good job w/color comparisons & product range