Website That Identifies Scarves

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  1. So sorry because I know this info has been posted a million times but I can't seem to find it......ugghhh!

    What is the name of the website that has all the scarves and colourways?
  2. Thanks for the thread, I am interested in it too~
  3. me too!! Anyone know?:shrugs:
  4. I can't ever remember either but I think one was ATH which stands for All Things Hermes.

    athscarf or atchscarves. com or something like that.

    There was also another HCSI.
  5. Thank You, Hermes Nutty Nut!!!!

    I am visiting my sister and I wanted to show her some scarves!!!
    Thanks again!:flowers:
  6. Thank you Hermes Nuttynut! Such a great site!!! This will prove to be fun!
  7. Can someone help me understand why the Hermes web site can not provide this important information ?
  8. Thanks!!
  9. Great site!!!!
  10. Thank you Hermes Nuttynut. I've bookmarked the site and am planning to spend some quality time there.
  11. I'm happy I could do that for you all -- I bookmarked it a while ago because I kept forgetting the name of it, too!!
  12. I'm just speculating, but I'd bet that it's because they want to save their bandwidth for scarves that Hermes itself is actually selling right now.