Website ordering? Shipping?

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  1. Does anyone know if Fendi ships internationally? I want a specific scarf that is not offered on the US website but it is offered on the different European websites. Can I still get this item? I would be willing to pay shipping costs, but I know some companies don't offer international shipping and you can only buy the items they sell in your specific country. The US has a much more limited selection of scarves then they do overseas and don't have the particular one I am interested in purchasing,
  2. I just had this issue as well with something else and found out that Fendi EU will not ship to US (and vice versa) :sad:

    Have you tried calling a Fendi store and asking if it may be available in a US boutique? I know that the item number is the same across all countries so you may be able to search it by that.

    I hope you find your scarf! :smile:
  3. Well, shucks :shucks: Kinda figured this might be the case. No, I haven't contacted the Fendi boutiques yet. Been too busy but I'll look into that. Do they carry items in the US boutiques that aren't offered on the US website?
  4. :yes: Yes, I bought my Kooky Bag Bug from the Bal Harbour Boutique when Kooky appeared as "out of stock" on the website. ;)
  5. The scarf I want isn't offered on the US website at all though. I am just hoping it is not exclusive to Europe. They sometimes do that so I guess I will have to see.
  6. Oh, I see. Please, keep us updated. I really hope you can find the scarf! ;)