Website issues anyone?

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  1. Does anyone else ever have issues with the LV (USA in my case) website? Pages not loading, login issues, etc? I just tried to place an order on my laptop but couldn't get past the login screen. Then I tried my iPad and got all the way through checkout and pressing the submit order button did nothing! :pout: Finally I got through on my iPhone and got an order confirmation. :wlae:

    I just feel like the website should work better, this company isn't exactly strapped for cash. Or is it just me having bad luck? :shucks:
  2. LV website always poor and slow. I wish they improve it. Its not just you.
  3. I've been trying to look at the vernis colors of the cosmetic pouch for days and every time...nothing. It shows me every other material and color, and tortures me by not loading the vernis colors!
  4. + 1
  5. Sometimes I can't believe how LV website is not user friendly and amazingly slow.
  6. It finally loaded and check out this gorgeous amethyst!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393469736.504883.jpg
  7. I've been complaining about LV website for years. its loaded with way too much crap and features which slow it down and make it a miserable experience. and I feel like its getting worse. Get it together LV!
  8. At first I hated the new features for the I'm okay with it. But I hate how it sometime doesn't load the page! :cursing:
    I really prefer Gucci website over easy to navigate and There is never a time where the page freezes!
  9. it is being updated now so that usually causes it
  10. LV's site has always been woefully crappy and outdated. It only gets worse when there's a price increase or new styles. Takes months to get dependable again, until the next change.
  11. wow that amethyste color is gorgeous..i did have issues with website the other day tho when i was trying to look at emp wallets it didnt upload for me..
  12. Yes pages won't open! I'm getting pissed! lol!
  13. I've noticed pages not loading and takes me back to the homepage. I'm guessing too much traffic especially with new items coming out.
  14. Yes I was having trouble with the website last night
  15. I too have been having problems the Last few day. Annoying