Website for Older Style Coachs

  1. Sweet! Thanks! This is just what I've been needing. My mom finds vintage Coach bags at estate sales, now I can help her identify them.
  2. Great site! I love some of the older totes and messengers...
  3. That's so cool, I just found my mom's bag on there- the City bag, but hers is black. And some of the briefcases would make great laptop bags!!
  4. Thanks for posting the site - one problem... I have Coach bags that pre-date the 1990s so they're not listed! :smile:
  5. Cool site! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I really like the old styles of Coach much more than most of the ones that they sell today. I have bought quite a few vintage Coach bags off of e-bay and now should be able to name them. Peggy
  7. Awesome! Thats pretty neat, there are a few I wouldnt mind having ;]
  8. wow. i had no idea. old coach styles are
    sorry if i offend!
  9. I find the older style Coach bags to be more classy.
  10. I love the older (90's) Coaches. All leather Baseball Mit leather that gets shinier as it ages and wears. I love how I can just send my bags that have any issues corrected for life.
  11. Good to know. Thanks!
  12. cool! thanks!
  13. Thanks ladies for posting this! I just found a vintage Coach bag at a thrift shop but didn't know the name of it. I searched "vintage" in the Coach forum and low and behold, my bag is called the "Court." I'm back to my vintage bag stage now and this is to me a classic from Coach. I flew home for the holiday but as soon as I get back (Thrusday), I'll post pics of my new vintage baby! to see what else I can find about the "Court" bag. ;)
  14. I loved Coach in the 80's.......the leather was to die for. And I remember that the inside of the bag was never ever lined. The little bits of leather shavings got all over everything you put in the bag, like little eraser shavings. It didn't matter. But, that is when a Coach bag was really a great bag....and not made in China. I don't think they are the same quality as they were 20 years ago. Sorry.