Web's largest(?) FREE list of places to buy handbags

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  1. edit:

    Sorry, we don't like your affiliate spam here.
  2. I would hope it's "free" - it's a very ugly affiliate website.
  3. wow, that was harsh, I feel so welcome. yes it is ugly, I am no HTML expert, I am a purse websites gatherer and publisher. it's all about content, yes? you missed the content page - we all have affiliate crap, including this blog - the content is the separate page with list http://home.inreach.com/kreagan/list.htm. don't worry I will not bother you people again.
  4. Come back anytime you want to actually discuss handbags.
  5. We are not trying to give a mean welcome- but our forum doesn't work that way. If you have designs of your own, you are welcome to discuss those here- or if you would like to comment about bags- feel free too. Sorry, maybe we weren't the place you were looking for :huh:
  6. No offense, but we don't appreciate people randomly dropping in and plugging their sites full of affiliate links here. As chemlex pointed out - once you're ready to discuss bags, we'll be welcoming you with wide open arms.
  7. Damn what i miss