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  1. Just an FYI-New stuff is up!:flowers:
  2. Thanks..
  3. I'm headed there now! Thank you :smile:
  4. Oh my gosh.... stripes... I LOVE stripes!!! (Think thats why I love the LV items with the little guy on them coming out soon.)

    Will department stores have these in yet?? I'm going to Omaha tomorrow and a store called Von Maur carries Coach.

    Stripes! Yea!!!
  5. Just got back from the website & I love the new soho signature patchwork hobo w/ snakeskin trim & the chocolate brown signature mini skinney..might have to go to coach this weekend. They don't offer monogramming on the website only in stores..how do they do it, is it a stamp?
  6. I like the brown reversable Tote. I seriously might have to go for it. i don't know how they do the monagraming, says they do it "in store" so i am thinking maybe on a heat stamp thing?
  7. They are selling out of the reversible totes fast..The only color I wanted of that was black & it's not even available. The tan (nude) color isn't bad but I don't like when the color starts turning if it's real leather!
  8. From looking at the monogram swatches in the store it looks like some kind of silk screening process. I didn't ask how they do it, but I would imagine they have a machine in the back with a printer that screens it on for you.
  9. I don't particularly like anything. :/ The monogramming is $25, btw ...
  10. I don't care for the monograms either... usually prefer un-monogrammed items, but I DO like the hot stamps that LV does and sent my agenda in for one.
  11. I should have asked when I was at the store yesterday, but is monogramming available on all stripe items, or just the totes? I kind of want a monogrammed pouch, I think that would be very cute, cuter than a monogrammed tote, IMHO.
  12. I think it's on everything ...if you look closely on the blue pouch on Coach's homepage it looks like there is a CL monogram on it.
  13. I want a beauty case so bad. . .I noticed they took down the pale green beauty cases, I wonder if they've gone to the outlets. If they have I'm snatching them up pronto!
  14. I think that would be a lot cuter too! I was even thinking a monogrammed wristlet. I'll have to ask.
  15. I'm pretty sure the webpage said wristlets couldn't be monogrammed. :sad:
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