Web Site Question

  1. Does Foot Candy Shoes web sell auth? Has any of you ever purchased from them?
  2. Yes they do. I don't think they have the best prices for things though. I've seen some of the same shoes on other sites during sales for cheaper like NM, Saks, NAP.
  3. I bought 3-4 pairs from them. I think they usually have quite a different selection than some other online stores. They also have excellent customer service and my experience with them was always flawless.
  4. Cool thx girrlss
  5. It's true their sale prices aren't the best--but they're a good place to resort to if there's something you need and can't find anywhere else. They've got an eclectic selection.
  6. I just checked and they have the CL Foxtrot. I have been dying for a pair but mine is the ONLY size they don't have!!! :cry:
  7. I wish knew you were looking for them! I check that site religiously everyday and they have had them for a few months now. The other good thing about this site despite the steep prices is that their selections dont sell out as fast as other sites, which is why I totally agree with LavenderIce that they are a great last resort indeed.
  8. They sell authentic. I have purchased Pedro Garcia shoes from there before. Excellent service. I'd get CLs from them if they carried my size.