web page designer...

  1. Am I allowed to ask if anyone here is a web page designer? Or a patent Lawyer? I'm looking for one and I rather get a referral than go through the yellow pages.

    If this is a no, no. then Please disregard it.

  2. i don't know if this is a no-no or not, we'll let someone else make that call, but my boyfriend does web development.
  3. Awesome, do you think you can show me one of his sites he built? I am looking for someone to design a site for me since computers are way out of my league. Thanks!
  4. How exciting for you!!!!!
    Good luck!
  5. he built anatomywebdevelopment.com to hold his portfolio, etc. it's quite simple, but he can do all kinds of different things, including windows programs, etc. he's done some more stuff that's actually really cool since he last updated the portfolio, but it shows a program he wrote to auto-quote car insurance and a website he built for me for a school project, so you get a little bit of an idea of both applications and web sites. he's out of town for a couple days, but i'll be sure to tell him about you when he gets back.