Web orders and cancellations

  1. Hopefully this is the right spot for this but I ordered a bag from Barneys the other day. I know dept stores make it a bad habit of letting the order go through and then sending an order cancellation email a few days later b/c someone ordered it before me.

    However, do they still put a hold on the $ on the cc until it's confirmed whether or not the bag is going to be shipped?
  2. From what I've experienced, I've only had my credit card charged when I receive a shipping confirmation!
  3. I just had a similar experience with Styledrops. I paid with paypal last night and this morning I had received an email saying that they no longer had the bag I purchased. I was told my Paypal account would be refunded in a couple of days.
  4. most places only charge upon shipment. but it may still check to make sure the funds are there, which means it could in theory come out of your available balance :confused1: your best bet would be to call the store.
  5. O no! I hate waiting!!! I want to know if that bag is minr or not!!!! :girlsigh:
  6. Usually the credit card is charged only when the item is definitely being shipped. Look in the store's shipping/paying policies, you may find an answer there.

  7. Just checked Barney's website. It says "preparing for shipping." So is that a good sign?
  8. Happened to me with Styledrops twice. Haven't used them since.
  9. I know that if you pay with credit card they will effectively charge you just after shipping the item, if you pay with paypal you immediately transfer the amount.But it's all written in the website policy.