web large hobo

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  1. This bag is not big at all. I'm 4'11" and this bag looks fine on me when I tried it on.
  2. i need the black one but it is available at neiman marcus. is it safe to order from them after the fake story that was posted on the forum a while ago
  3. I'm only 5 ft. tall and own the large ladies web hobo in the canvas; beige/beige color combination. I find that the large size is a perfect fit for me. The guccissima version in the hobo is gorgeous! I don't think that you'll have any issues if you purchase the bag directly from NM as I recently ordered a couple of caviar Chanel flap bags from them without any issues other than a missing tag for one of the bags. If you're still concernced about purchasing from NM, you can always order the bag directly from Gucci as I just noticed that it's showing as available/in stock right now on their web site.
  4. Good for it.. it is one of most lovely bags.. I didn't get the guccissima version (which I would love to have it). .I only have the black monogram version. Order from either place should be fine.
  5. does it have magnetic closure ?
  6. Yes, my canvas web hobo has a magnetic closure.
  7. what sort of the guccissima leather is it. i mean when i zoom it and compare it with other guccissima leather of any other bag it seems to have a different texture more like a grainy texture or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  8. Since I only own the canvas version and have yet to see the guccissima version of the web hobo in person, I don't know if there's a difference to the look and feel of the guccissima leather for the web hobo compared to other guccissima bag styles.
  9. I have the dark brown guccissima version and the leather is definitely thinner than the leather on my guccissima D ring hobo.
  10. I have this bag only the older version when it first came out and I'm only 5'1 also but I think the purse is a perfect size but I also do love bigger hobo style purses, if you wanna see a modeling pic to help you out let me know. ;) O and it is my only guccissima purse, rest are canvas and I've heard others say that the leather on this is thinner but I like it, I think its very supple and soft.
  11. Also want to add that I would've gotten the larger version if it was available to me at the time. I think the medium one is too small for me but I got a good deal so it's ok.

    Here are some pics for comparison: D ring vs ladies web


  12. Yep.. This is the exact same issues that prevent me from buyin it right away hehe the grainy texture. I like the look of the regular guccissime but this one might use different leather makes it soft and that's why kinda grainy.