Weaved Koobas?

  1. Anyone own one? The Ada or Braeden?
  2. I never cared for those. But someone in here had one awhile back and said it was HEAVY. I had a regular leather Ada I sold cause it was like carrying bricks.
    I see them on sale alot of places.
  3. i dont but the woman i nanny for has the braeden , its ok,,, i first saw them and didnt like them at all! Hers has grown on me but i dunno i think i would like it better if the string stuff holding the woven parts to each other wasnt a weird yellow color,,,,
  4. the woven braeden is on the heavy side its not TOO bad and i also had an ADA i sold cause empty it weighed like 20 lbs :smile:

    but i think the woven ones are a bit lighter then the solid leather ones
  5. I held a woven Kooba in the store and thought it was extremely heavy. Now, keep in mind I do carry a regular leather Braeden in black and it is much lighter in feel. My son called my Braeden the black leather motorcycle bag. *s

  6. rwallly ladysalesrep thats very interesting!! thanks for the info on weight for the 2
  7. I have one, the woven Ada. It's definitely a bit on the heavy side. *Gorgeous* bag, though! I get tons of looks when I wear it. :heart:
  8. I saw one IRL at Saks and it's a very unusual looking bag. And is unusually heavy, at least for me. Not one of my favorite bags by any means.