1. Any suggestions or recommendations on what to use to weatherproof your bags? I just got a nice new one and want to make sure it stays that way.
  2. Is it leather or suede?
  3. Leather but I wouldn't mind suggestions for both. My poor suede bags would like to escape the closet already.
  4. I've never actually waterproofed my leather bags, but for suede I just use good old Meltonian waterproofing spray.
  5. Either Kiwi waterproof spray or collinil waterproof spray.
  6. I had a Coach suede swingpack that one SA told me to guard with a special spray for suede. I did as she suggested and the bag picked up every little piece of dirt. Soon my lilac bag was gray. I took it to a different Coach store and they gave me a new one. The SA at that store said never to do anything to Coach suede - it should do better on its own. So, I guess it depends on the bag. You might check with the company/designer.
  7. Thanks all. I just got my new Botkier but now that I think about it the pebbled leather should be OK on it's own.
  8. I am so tempted to buy the Shining Monkey and test it out on my Gucci. I try not to bring my nicer bags out in the rain but just wanted to have some protection in case I spill water or I'm caught in the rain.