Weatherproofing? Care tips...

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  1. I am receiving my first Chloe today, a beautiful Jeans Moyen Paddington. Do you suggest treating with a spray such as Collonil? Is there something better? Do you use a conditioner on your bag?
  2. Congrats on your first Chloe! I use Cadillac Shield Spray and Cadillac Leather Conditioner on all my bags (3 Chloes) and shoes. Works very well, no discoloration. Bought inexpensively from Nordstrom.
  3. I just read in your other thread that the Chloe boutique told you they recommend doing nothing. That's terrible advice. Leather needs to be cared for properly, especially over time. I would use waterproofing spray before taking a new bag out and use conditioner at least after the first year, when the leather starts looking dry (depends on your climate).
  4. I used the Cadillac Boot & Shoe Care Leather Conditioner and am very pleased with the results. The leather is even softer then before. I will certainly keep up with this care routine. Since it includes a protectant, I didn't use any spray. Is it necessary to?

    I, too, was shocked at the boutiques response. "Consult an expert". I thought I was by calling them! Lol